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The heel is a standard height is it? Perhaps just the angle of the camera has me asking that question. Really love that combo of leathers.
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^ Yup, standard height.

I'm not surprised you like the leather combo, it was your boots that inspired the design! smile.gif
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105 hours on the break in...I love Natty CXL



And this is about how far away my eyelits are from one another when they are tied, but I have also been wearing pretty thin Darn Tough socks with these because of the summer time. Will probably move to mid weights in the fall and winter. 

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This how to maintain the shape of any leather shoes boots. Plus save money purchasing the same by expanding the size are able to custom fit to your feet.


One is able to go up 1/2 to 3/4 size in length and out one width or down 1/2 size in length and in one width size.


One can install their favorite/best fitting shoe/boots on it, record the settings and then resize current items and  and future purchases for that custom fit....All it takes is shoe/stretch solution that one can make at home.





The shoes on the Cametti Ultra88 in the pictures are 9 years old, made out of Ravello color shell cordovan leather, and fit me perfectly with no signs of creases or wrinkles.


This is just one of the tools I use to maintain my shoes and boots to keep them in excellent condition thus making them last years and years.

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Originally Posted by trvlr472 View Post

After my post above and seeing a pic closer up I can say I would have no complaint with that shelf either.  My SJ's are just about flush but from an actual usage standpoint that shelf is just about perfect.  You will have fewer scratches and gouges on the back stay.  Those are damn nice boots.  I really like 'em.


As for how far apart the eylets are?  That is good as well since they will stretch and they'll get a little closer together as they are worn.  The salesman where I bought my White's told me that when new you don't want the eyelets (or the opposite sides of the shoes) too close together.

Very smart salesman that is looking out for your future use of the boots.


Common procedure: Wet them down, put them on, (after putting on real heavy socks) lace them up. They will dry form fit.

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Dude, where did you get that thing and how much did it cost? How does it shrink the shoes one size?
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What kind of device is that Louie, and how can i get one?  By shrink the size I assume you mean wet and dry on that device right?

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"How does it shrink the shoes one size?"


Never made that statement, 1/2 a size is what I use as a limit. All leather will shrink when wet and when on the lasts you can relast it down. I have gone from 11.5 E down to 11 D in boots several times.


You want to know what it is and cost. Here is a outright steal on one of the machines:


This is even the better than the model I have, with the HD wheels instead of handles.Tear it apart paint it and it will be brand new.


The complete new last set is $250.00. It pays for itself over and over if you like nice shoes/boots.


Do not get the compact model you can not use it on boots or chukkas

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Here is my new order that I just placed with Bakers Shoes. 


Baker's Custom Bounty Hunter by White's Boots 
Leather Liner: Cream
Size - Length: 9
Height: 6"
Toe Cap: No Thanks
Celastic Toe Box: Single Celastic Toe
Toe Vamp Leather: Red Dog Smooth
Last: Semi Dress (Bounty Hunter)
Hardware: Brass Eyes & Hooks
Heel Base: Standard
Steel Toe: No Thanks
Size - Width: D (medium)
Heel Lifts: Standard
Toe Cap Leather Color: Does not apply
Top: Cut Top (standard)
Midsole: Single
Lace Design: Plain Toe
Edge: Brown
Counter Leather: Red Dog Smooth
Upper (Shaft) Leather: Distressed Smooth
Pull Loops: Leather Pull Loops
Sole: Vibram 700

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Yea Whites has a pair of them for sale for $275.00


No after reading fully, the ones Whites has for sale are  more expensive leather..than those Red Dogs...

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my boots shipped! only 25 days after ordering!

I'll try to post pics soon but as these are a birthday present from my wife, it is unlikely that she'll let me open them before the end of the month...
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^ Awesome wife!

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Yeah, but she's gotta let him show his boys on the internet at least a few days early! lol8[1].gif

That navy gusset is going to be sweet. I wonder; does that count as your second leather for two-tone?
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Common procedure: Wet them down, put them on, (after putting on real heavy socks) lace them up. They will dry form fit. 

I have read about that procedure in numerous places online.  However, I also read an interview with the CEO of Whites and he said not to do that.  It will ruin the boot since they use nails to put them together and watterlogging a boot can cause the nails to pull out.


You meay be referring to just wetting them real good but i have read posts and articles where they tell you to completely soak the boot and then wear it until it dries out.  The complete saturation of the sole and leather is what the CEO of White's said not to do.


As far as your stretching machine?  That thing is awesome and it's obvious you're a serious shoe/boot guy.  I think in the future everyone will be happy you're here.  Even those who got a litle perturbed at first.

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Some oldies, but hopefully some are interested in how boots wear on...but can`t help putting cream on my water buffalo`s!






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