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Looks like natty cxl and 6"
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Originally Posted by PeterParker View Post

A bit of TLC with some warm water, neutral shoe cream, and a horsehair brush:



Finally, someone who's not obsessed with murdering their boots by drowning them in Obenauf's...!

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Hello all. I received my pair of White's yesterday and although this is my first post, I read through this whole thread and it was lots of help. So, as a thank you, here are some pics. A shout out to Kyle as well, highly recommend going through Baker's.


1 x White's Smoke Jumper Standard Last - $429.95
SKU: 400

  • Leather 1: Brown Dress
  • Leather 2: Brown Dress
  • Toe Vamp Leather: Brown Dress
  • Toe Cap Leather: None
  • Celastic Toe Box: Single
  • Safety Toe: No Thanks
  • Heel Counter Leather: Brown Dress
  • Height: 6"
  • Upper (Shaft) Leather : Brown Dress
  • Leather Liner: No Thanks
  • Sole Trim: Close Trim
  • Top: Rolled
  • Back Stay Leather: Brown Dress
  • Pull Loop: Yes
  • Eyelet Color: Brass
  • Eyelet Configuration : Hook and Eyelet
  • Top Garment: Hook
  • Lace Design: Lace to Toe
  • Lace: Leather
  • False Tongue: Brown Dress
  • Sole: Vib 430
  • Half Slip: No
  • Heel Shape: Curve
  • Heel Height: Minus 1/4"
  • Last: Standard
  • Midsole: Standard
  • Midsole/Edge Color: Natural
  • Size - Length: 10.5
  • Size - Width: EE









The boots are a bit more brown then the photo's indicate but they are dark. I sent tracings to Kyle to try and determine the size and they may be just slightly to big. Although with a thin, flat insole they almost seem too snug. It's amazing how an insole that was so thin could affect sizing that much. I just tried the insoles as a curiosity and am going to continue the break in without them. I wore them for 8 hours straight at work without discomfort but most of it was sat down. I got a hook in the top garment spot so I was able to use the 2-1-3 lacing method to help tighten them down quite tight without discomfort from the lace.

I discovered White's while looking for hunting boots and ordered a pair of Insulated Dri Foot Outdoorsman's. These were ordered without tracings but with discussions with Kyle. I went with 10.5EE and had to send them back as they were wayyy too small. I haven't got the replacement pair of them yet but went with 11.5EE this time.

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Ddg99, what date did you place your order?
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Originally Posted by RickyTylerson View Post

Looks like natty cxl and 6"

Or well oiled distressed

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this might had been asked before but can someone explain what "Half Slip" means?
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Originally Posted by BumsFan View Post

Ddg99, what date did you place your order?

They were ordered on Oct 16 and shipped on Nov 25.

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"A half slip is an extra half piece of leather between the sole and the inside of the boot." - White's Customer Service

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Originally Posted by ddg99 View Post

They were ordered on Oct 16 and shipped on Nov 25.

Thanks. With that information I decided to check on my order placed on Nov 1. Guess what? They shipped today!!! Very, very similar build with only the heel height, edge color, rolled top and lining being different.
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Originally Posted by 2eleven View Post

Or well oiled distressed
Yes, the boots are made of the Distressed Smooth leather.

The leather is rather dry to begin with and any treatment considerably darkens the leather. These have had 1.5 years worth of wear for work and leisure with multiple applications of Obenauf's LP and neutral shoe cream. I use Obenauf's when it needs it (e.g. field work, wet weather), but for lighter duty I'll use neutral cream to better highlight the colour of the leather.

Certainly not as glamorous or lustrous as CXL, but the smooth leather is durable and hard wearing. If any body has pointers on treatments to improve the depth of colour and lustre of this leather, please share.
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Can anyone suggest me laces for my 12" smoke jumpers which I like to wrap at the top once if not twice before tying.
I have been using whites leather laces and my hands burn from lacing them up. My brass eyelets are thick so I really have to yank the lace each time to get it IN the eyelet.
I feel like I hardly wear them during the week since I can't bring myself to lace em up at 630 am for a motocycle commute all the way to a desk.
Keep style in mind...

Untitled by veloreality, on Flickr
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Originally Posted by the shivman View Post



Here is a pic of a bounty hunter with a steel toe. Doesn't look much different then a celastic one. They are quite a bit heavier though.


Hey Shivman,

Any update on these? I'm planning the same in 8" soon in black.

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Has anyone seen or have a photo of a medallion cap toe with a steel toe?

I'm thinking about some 8" steel toe bounty hunters in black with a medallion toe for when I want to hop off the motorcycle and look snazzy.

Any I want another black boot, I like cap toes and do not own any yet, and I don't own anything steel toe so I feel this would be a great boot to start.

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It doesn't and shouldn't look any different from celastic Brian, same size all over according to White's.
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I just got in my first pair of White's in. I bought them off of ysb, and they're the right size--seemingly the correct width and length. However, I've had a lot of pain along the outside of my arch and the top of my right foot from (what I assume is) break-in. Is this something I should expect to go away over time, or should I cut my losses and sell?

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