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Love these; very similar profile to the Wesco Flightmasters, which are built on the Motor Patrol last.


Perhaps these White's are built on the same last as packers?
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I've always liked the idea of an SD or BH on the packer last, but the packer has one of the tallest heels, and even lowered 1/4" it would still be pretty tall. The nice part about the Wesco MP last is that its heel is naturally 1/2" lower than their Western last, which is like White's Packer.

On a side note, what's up with Wesco charging for every little customization?

Roughout = $40

Double midsole = $40

Comp. Half Sole = $40

Leather Lining = $99

They even charge $40 to use thread that's not brown, which is why those black Firemasters have brown thread.

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It's so true; my MP engineers ended up running me about 7bills after all was said and done. That said they're way the hell cooler than Nomads IMHO smile.gif
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Got a pic? I'm thinking about a pair of Wescos.
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Originally Posted by EgliComet View Post

Got a pic? I'm thinking about a pair of Wescos.

Here ya go
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Are those MP toe?  Very nice.

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Thx, man. i love em. were uncomfortable as hell at first (the toe box is insanely flat).

yes, MP toes. Addl build details: no celastic, standard Boss heel, 10" height, double midsole with 705 half soles, 2" extra length on instep strap, custom roller buckles, standard black steer
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Those look great! That $ though... I remember someone here a while back saying he got a custom last made from White's because of an unusually narrow heel. I wonder if you could buy a custom last shaped more like the MP Toe. They'd only have to make the one, in your size, and you could reuse it for subsequent makeups.
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I don't see why they couldn't do a 6" boot on a packer last.

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Lovely b-ewing! Anyone have comparisons to the Whites Nomad? Also, whats the Wesco square toe called? Would be great to have a few more options on the nomad...

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I'm all ready to place my order...just waiting on White's to get back to me on sizing.  I was all set to order my Bounty Hunters in distressed smooth, but then I was reminded of my first in-person encounter with White's, at Grahame Fowler in NYC.  I believe they're the "standard" makeup for brick and mortar stores, and it's a really dark brown (almost black).  I called White's to ask which leather that is, and he couldn't tell me for sure, but told me it was their "dark brown leather" and said it was chrome-tanned.  When I look at the site, all I see is Dark Brown French Calf.  Does that sound right to you guys?


Here's the link to Grahame Fowler (but their photos are really, really bad) and here's a link to what I think is the same boot at Imogene + Willie.

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Those have brown dress leather.

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Originally Posted by the shivman View Post

Those have brown dress leather.

To be clear/sure, that's a really dark brown leather (almost black), right?

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Originally Posted by Brian Itzaina View Post

Can anyone suggest me laces for my 12" smoke jumpers which I like to wrap at the top once if not twice before tying.
I have been using whites leather laces and my hands burn from lacing them up. My brass eyelets are thick so I really have to yank the lace each time to get it IN the eyelet.
I feel like I hardly wear them during the week since I can't bring myself to lace em up at 630 am for a motocycle commute all the way to a desk.
Keep style in mind...

Untitled by veloreality, on Flickr

For all my boots, I toss the leather laces and go with paracord.  You can find 50ft rolls of it at hardware stores for ~$10 and you can make the laces whatever length you want.  It also comes in just about any color you could want.

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