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I use shoe trees in my dress boots like Aldens and Trickers but not in White's, I'm just not mean enough to em to warrant them.

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I use the trees I got from White's. I like to keep the shape and may consider celastic for next pair of SDs.

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Originally Posted by ben2t View Post

some detailed photos,

Nice boots! Is this the semi dress last (bounty hunter) or the regular #4811 smokejumper last?

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thanks 2eleven, its the classic C461, I want the BH in Semi Dress last but there is no option for close trim sole so i go with the C461.

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Just got notice that my SDs have been shipped- that's like only 3 weeks!!!
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Congrats Mr Ewing, look forward to a viewing.

Ben, just for future reference, you can get close trim on a BH, they might of had it as an option accidentally but you can get it as standard.

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 I am currently breaking in a new pair of SD's, in brown Bison.  I'm the one that purchased the pair that Blaster had for sale.  I ended up

sending them to Baker's to have the heels changed to a standard height and the soles changed to the Commando mini lug half.  So far

they are great !  I did notice that the stitching is white, compared to my other two pairs of SD's.  Only one bummer though, when they

skived out the leather to attach the half sole one boot is more flat and the other is more convex.  Oddly enough I don't feel it when I walk,

mostly just if I'm standing I can sort of roll my ankle back and forth.  It will cause premature wear in the center contact area.. I might wear

them a few more days then make a decision if I'll send them back to fix it or not.

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nice, I'd like to see how they look with the new heel and sole.

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Here is a quick cell phone pic

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Wow, much improved. Congrats.

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Glad to see you're putting them to good use, bro. They look excellent!
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Some White's / Viberg comparison pics. I would say that Viberg clearly wins on quality and craftsmanship (check out the welt pics), but I find White's more comfortable..








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Linafelt, these comparison photos and your take are great. Thank you for sharing. Those are your 2040 black horsehide boots right? Also, Im interested to hear your take on the price comparison, seeing as you can practically buy two pairs of SDs for the price of one pair of Service Boots. (Or at least save 250-300 bones)
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