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Not a surprise at all i submitted my order the same day i get mine later today. from the ship date and i assume when my order was submitted to whites.
Im 6 weeks too i hope i dont have major defects now.....sorry to hear very interesting looking build.
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I like the two tone look there, nice combo. What are the defects on the left boot?
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Question on soles: Going between double leather or single mid with 269 outsoles. I know the 269 tapers at the heel, but am curious to know which is thicker/ thinner at the toe. Aesthetically, I prefer double leather, but living here in Cascadia I am having my reservations, so I'm strongly considering the 269s. Plus, the 269s are about $50 cheaper smile.gif
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the double leather on soles for white's is super thick see the first photo above.... i'd opt for a single mid with a sole of your choice... i also chose the 269 on my incoming pair because i plan to wear the boots daily especially in bad weather.
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Hi b-ewing, double leather looks great and yes, it is thicker, not much but it is and looks clumpier. If you need grip the 269 is your better bet of course though. Look on my site to see examples (not plugging, honestly). Just for info it shouldn't be more money if you're going double leather without a further outsole.
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Originally Posted by kenucklehead View Post

So, some good news and some bad news. I placed my order with Baker's which was submitted August 14th. To my surprise, they only took 6 weeks. Everything is pretty much what I wanted. Unfortunately, there are defects on the left boot so I will likely have to have them remade. Boo! angry.gif

Anyway, here's a photo. One thing I will likely ask to have changed is the thickness of the sole. I was hoping for a bit more contrast between the Brown CXL and the natural smooth leather. However, I think they look awesome.

What do you guys think?

Hey a local boot shop can change the contrast of the midsoles.
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You're giving me hope that I'm a lot farther along in my wait than I expected! If they're on the same pace, I'm probably halfway to my bounty hunters!

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yea i know i have small feet 9d whites semi dress. i told kyle my best fitting shoes measure 12.25" out sole length and 4.25" width at widest point. boots measure exactly that. i guess the soft toe is making it look sleeker than it really is. sorry about the not so awesome photography. i guess i could have gone up another half size due to the sleeker look compared to my last pair. but overall pretty happy.

there is light creasing all over the leather but not from being tried on probably how the leather is although my last two pairs in brown dress didn't have this. its crazy on the left boot outer top on the right side of it. forgot to add both boots parts on tip of the toe the leather is different color or that look when you scrape your boots and it takes off some of the color. not a big deal seeing as i would have did that myself after a few wearings.

going to see how these work out then hopefully start planning my next pair. color seems dull but photos shot in neutral and no editing whatsoever.

i could have made them handsome in photoshop but chose not to.

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I like the two tone look there, nice combo. What are the defects on the left boot?


The left boot has a big scuff (looks like from the sander) as well as 4 crease lines that look like they were left by some sort of rolling device. Anyway, looks like they are going to get them remade for me. Sucks about the extra wait though. I was looking forward to wearing them.

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Originally Posted by mini14gb View Post

Hey a local boot shop can change the contrast of the midsoles.


Yeah, I wasn't too clear in my original message. Not worried about the contrast in the sole edging. More the contrast between the two shades of brown.

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Crosswound--- Nice SDs. would like to see how the soft toe ages. Thinking about getting soft toe for my next pair.:D

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i will keep you guys updated these boots i don't know if its just me but the break in is more brutal than my first pair and these i sized .5 bigger..... i doubt its because of the soft toe lol..
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What is the break in issue? Aldens, Red Wings, etc. are comfortable out of the box.
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maybe my memory is bad and i went through the same thing the first time lol. mr moo its because i'm a true e width on the brannock but i stick with d width and i just go up half a size. so whatever shoes i end up getting usually does mold to my feet.

even my cordo aldens did the same breakin on the aldens is less brutal because the soles aren't as stiff as these babies. this is probably why all my barrie lasted alden shoes in cordo look so sleek and not blobby my feet stretched them to make them flat lol.
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even my redwing postman oxfords which are designed for all day walking in comfort had a breakin it was about 4 days but now its like walking on butter all day everyday 12hrs a day 3-4 days a week straight.
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