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Originally Posted by andy b. View Post

This is just my experience with the pairs I own. The BHs are 9.5D (on the SD last) and the SJs are 9.5E but on the 461 Classic last. My previous posts explain why that is. The 461C last is supposed to be like the standard SJ last only with a more upturned toe. Going by my boots in front of me, I would say the SJ last is roomier. What all that means is that yes, I think your 10.5D SDs should fit fine.

I don't know how much insoles adjust the fit, other than the heel area. I can say with 100% certainty that you can make much more adjustments by varying your sock thickness. Also, something to keep in mind is that wool socks (at least 75% wool) are excellent at wicking away moisture, so don't assume wool=hot sweaty feet. I said I don't wear my SJs in the summer. That isn't because they make my feet sweat, it's because they look kind of goofy with board shorts and Hawaiian shirts. biggrin.gif

Andy B.

Thanks again Andy B., very helpfull info! :D

Love the visual of SJs, bored shorts, and Hawaiian shirts… whoever could pull that one off could rule the world.


Originally Posted by EastWestApparel View Post

4characters, your sizing for your incoming SD's should be spot in, the SJ's are roomier overall throughout the foot and that half size should be just what you need.

Cheers dears.

Thanks, that’s reassuring. I just can't wait to put them on, there gonna be so nice!

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Brian, I'd do one thin coat of Obenauf's and a lot of brushing. Obenauf's is easy to overuse. 2 coats is never necessary unless the boots in question have been in a barn for decades, or you're after waterproofing. For basic maint/conditioning, easy does it with that stuff.
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One coat of LP and some brushing done so far. Doing to same and another coat tomorrow.



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Awesome looking Milano red water buffalo boots -- looks very dressy. Enjoy!
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Originally Posted by frankman View Post

Awesome looking Milano red water buffalo boots -- looks very dressy. Enjoy!

Wasn't that natty CXL??
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Brian, that looks great. 

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Originally Posted by Brian Itzaina View Post


Does anyone have any tips on tucking the tounge properly when lacing? The leather is stiff new and this is my first boot this tall that uses laces.


This is how I did it.
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A better shot.
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Originally Posted by EgliComet View Post

A better shot.




I did that last night and have had issues all day with the false tongue sliding down.




And OH MY are these awesome boots!

Super comfy yet still very stiff in the ankles.

So glad I went with the double midsole also, very happy with how they walk.

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I don't know how Egli is getting his false tongues to lay like that with the lacing he is using. I would think it would be difficult to do, as you are finding out, until everything is well-broken in. I just have mine laced in like normal (without the loop over the crossed laces), and they still were sliding down. What I did was cut two more small slits in the false tongue about 5 pairs of eyelets up and run the laces through the slit. That at least prevents the false tongue from sliding down.

Andy B.
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Tighten up the laces and everything will break in and stay in place.
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A couple questions for some bounty hunters I'm considering.
How does the vibram 430 sole wear? Is it soft or kinda hard? I have a pair with the mini lug half sole and like it but seems soft so might wear quickly.
Also, any body have any navy cxl with some wear on it to see how it ages? I've only seen pics of new pairs.
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Jvav, sorry no pics handy. but ive owned some blue cxl shoes and really love the way they wear. like the black CXL, the blue is aniline finished rather than pigment dyed. The surface spray will wear exposing the brown. You can always polish the leather- to add back more blue- but to me itd be like re-dying faded denim. you earn that patina wink.gif

If you don't want that affect, I'd suggest another option
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I figured it out for now. This has been holding correctly for a day an a half.




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Just got my notification that the boots were shipped and will arrive on Friday.  Order date: 7/25  Receive Date: 9/20    1 month, 27 days - or a little less than 8 weeks!    



Originally Posted by LeftysRock View Post

Worked with Kyle at Bakers over the past few weeks and just finalized the order:


Black Shark
Standard last
Black eyelets with hooks
Black liner - cut off top
Black heal and edges
Medallion toe cap
Standard Cuban heel
Size 9.5 D 
No pull tab
Double stitching
Regular leather sole
Single mid-sole
We were not able to find any pictures of SD's in black shark so I am not sure what they will end up looking like.  I guess I will find out in 3 or 4 months. lookaround.gif
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