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Originally Posted by 7018 View Post

Does anyone actually use their Whites for real work?  My daily work boots, custom SmokeJumpers
Yes. I am a mechanic.

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I walk to and from a car, and then to and from another building.
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Originally Posted by bl@ster View Post

Having a shotty is great and all but let me show you the beauty, the suppleness, the downright intoxicating smell, the glorious texture of this Brown bison:

And yes, I take Paypal.


Those brown bison are super nice.

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Dreaming about my boots and doodling…


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British Tan


Brown Dress?
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I vote bison
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Second that

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Originally Posted by 4characters View Post


You know my steeze!

I was all geared up for the British tan with a cap toe, but just purchased the Alden x J Crew Barrie shell boots so now I'm thinking I want my SDs with a plain toe. And I've seen killer pics of well patina'd plain toe brown dress SDs... So I'm just plain confused.
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The dark browns are a solid long term color that will outlast fads and fashions....less casual, and good for the long haul, just like Whites...

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Originally Posted by 4characters View Post


Picture from: supertalk.superfuture.com

The dress brown leather ages really nicely and is a White’s original leather that they have been using for a super long time.


But on the other hand Konadog’s SDs in British tan have a really wonderful rich color that from the pictures seems more dynamic then the dress brown.


I suppose I would go for the British tan, but then again the horse hide is also very nice.

Oh he*l, they are all nice, just compromise and buy one of each or close your eyes and point.wink.gif

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Originally Posted by crosswound View Post

I vote bison

olololol, agreed!
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Originally Posted by b-ewing View Post

British Tan Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Brown Dress? Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Generally, dark brown gets more use than tan, in my book. Although they are both essential.
The only caveat is that White's dark brown is REALLY dark brown, like almost black.
A brown CXL that has more mid tones would make a good third option.

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Good observation, Meso. Basically confirms my suspicions, as well as reaffirms my obsession with getting both lol8[1].gif

Would jump on the horsehide if it were horse strip (aka horse butt), but I'm guessing its not because it's not advertised as such (right?).

Most likely going to wear these with my new A2

Perhaps the British tan is too matchy? Or maybe it's "just right" matchy?
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The brown horsehide is amazing. I've had lots of shell cordovan shoes throughout my life, and the HH is not even close to the same, but it is still nothing short of spectacular leather. I have seen all the leathers you are considering, and the HH looks better than any of them in my opinion. The Brown Dress is as dressy, and the British Tan is beautiful, but neither of them have the depth or character of the HH. The color of the HH is somewhere between the two others and it is slightly mottled -- just enough to add that depth and character I described, not enough to look odd. The added price of the HH is not too high, especially for what you get. While not as durable as shell cordovan in some respects, it is thicker and tougher in other ways. Mine have been worn quite a bit over the last few months, but they live any easy life and look nearly new. I'm not trying to sell you on the HH, but you certainly shouldn't discount the leather if you are thinking about brown Semi Dress boots.

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