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Kyle i sent you a email about adjusting my size smile.gif
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While we are on the subject of White’s boots as dress shoes, I must say this picture is one of my all time favorites. Super minimalistic, unique color, clean looking….. Anyway I’m just sitting here dreaming of my navy CXL SDs with 700 soles, medallion toecap, close trim, and crème liner… ordered them five weeks ago, maybe I’m half way there…

Picture from hear:

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4 - A build like that keeps me on the fence about which boot to buy... that might just work - I'll just have to bother Kyle and see if they can do the toe without the reinforcement like you said

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Tigerpac, go for the soft toe!! You ever seen Hollows natural cxl bounty hunters? F^cking sick, man!

And like his, I'd go with standard trim- i personally only like the look of the close trim on cap toe SDs.
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If he wants a dressy boot i dont think he should be looking at whites.
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Tiger. You can get the non celastic on pretty much any boot being made for you.
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Loving the suggestions so far guys - thanks!


It's an interesting issue, I think I might be able to get away with a dressy build of a SD for most work days but not really sure.  I have Aldens that are dressy enough to wear with a suit... don't need quite that level of dress but enough to be able to wear with slacks and a button down.


Close trim, non celastic MIGHT do the trick...

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its not a dressy boot at all because you'll never be able to wear it with trousers let alone chino's. your stuck to basically denim only. if you buy it like that and think your dressed up even in the slightest your kidding yourself. wearing really nice boots though most likely dressy nope.

every pair of aldens i own i can wear with denim/chinos/trousers and it looks good i get compliments no matter so dressy yes. you will look out of place wearing whites no matter what configuration with chinos/trousers so dressy no.

for reference i don't consider someone really dressed up if they are wearing denim. i wear lots of denim so no hate.
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White's can only be worn with denim? That's silly.

No normal humans will look sideways at a clean White's build in a dressy scenario. Unless you're hanging with stuffy, guffawing, old money gentry, you'll be just fine.

I'm still very happy with my no-celastic BH.
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Seconded. Any chance of stealing that pic above then Mr Hollows? Please?
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ever see those guys wearing workwear boots with suits trying to make it look dressed up. never works out right does it. thats all i gotta say. they are nice boots period but i would definitely not call it dress boots.

if you think i'm trying to put him off from buying whites i've already ordered my own pair of non celastic toe in close trim already which i just stated in a few posts ago but i already own plenty of dress shoes/boots. this will be my 4th pair of whites, two i've had to sell, and my first pair after they have been worn by me i have given to my younger brother to enjoy so now i'm buying a new pair.
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Hollows, how bout an updated evo pic of em?
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I agree with Crosswound on Whites.  I have a relatively new pair of SDs and love them.  They look great with denim.  And sure, they would look better than some of the crappy beat up shoes some people wear to the office.  But, they just simply do not look as good as my AE Leeds, Greyson or Strands shoes.  They just don't - not with chinos.  They're stylish work boots but the form factor is still a work boot form factor.  Great with jeans but not business casual, much less full business.  For casual Friday when jeans are allowed where I work, I'll wear them and they look great.  I just think there are much better choices that look better with chinos/slacks.


Edit:  by the same point, my Leeds would look very odd with denim so I wouldn't wear them that way.  My McTavish shoes would look odd with a 3-piece suit so I wouldn't wear them that way.

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White’s dose make a “Dress” boot though, it’s called the Dress Packer.

tigerpack— you could totally go for the western businessman look and rock a dress packer with almost anything. Just saying…


pic from supertalk


Pic from:

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I think White's can look great with denim or chinos and the like...I don't think I'd ever pair them with a suit though. Just can't imagine that looking appropriate really. If anybody tries it and pulls it off, be sure to post some pics...would love to see myself proven wrong.
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