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Gave my SJs a coat of Venetian Cream and a good brushing today.

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Originally Posted by bl@ster View Post

Pics will be posted 1 by 1 because I'm going to sell a lot of them. So if you measure an 11.5D and wear White's in 11D you're in luck!

Listed one pair so far:


 Wow, you've got some great footwear for sale !  I would so love to take the brown Bison White's , but I'm at the 6 week mark on a pair of Semi Dress in natural CXL.   I had a hard time deciding which leather to go with, the Bison was on the list but the CXL won out.  After seeing your pics I hope I'm not disappointed with my decision.

Also until I get my new ones I'm not sure what size I am in them.  My current Semi Dress , I was told are size 11's. I bought them on Ebay pre owned.  I don't see anything about size in them but they fit great.  I normally wear a size 10.5 to 11.  When I sent my tracings to Baker's they got back to me saying I was more like a size 10.. which I haven't worn in years.  So hopefully these new boots are not too big.

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bakers has a bit of a history being generous with their estimates of tracings.  But if its only a bit big, you can do thicker socks and/or inserts to perfect the fit.

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B-Ewing, those SJs look brand new and outstanding! Remind me of the leather, please.

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Haha, thx Allan! It's CXL. I've had them for about 3 (I think?) yrs now. I admit I baby em a bit, but they've seen some thrashing. A lot of the brown is starting to come through on the toe and counter. Love aniline finished leather for this reason
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Originally Posted by b-ewing View Post

 It's CXL. I've had them for about 3 (I think?) yrs now. I admit I baby em a bit, but they've seen some thrashing.

That’s encouraging; I must say they do look really nice. I’ll have to try that Venetian Cream.

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Originally Posted by 4characters View Post

That’s encouraging; I must say they do look really nice. I’ll have to try that Venetian Cream.

Thx man, Horween recommends this stuff first and foremost for CXL
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Hi everyone. I really need your incomes about sizing... I sent my tracings to both White's and Baker's, they suggested different sizes... So I did it again, and it happened again... With other sizes suggested... Second time, I really took my measurments super carefully, cause I tought that I had mistaken the first time. But it ended with a 9 D for Kyle and a 10 C for White's. Any suggestions? My first move would be to follow Kyle's, for his suggestion seems the closest to my usual one (I usually wear a 9.5 in Timberland boots), and you guys all post about his good service. Thanks for your help!

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10D suggested by Whites, 9 1/2 by Bakers and fit comfortably into a 9D. They all err on the side of caution - it`s easier to tell you to wear a thicker sock, quite understandable, but no comparison to really trying them on. Another suggestion would be to try a more common boot, and get others to compare here - Today I fitted into a Redwing 9, so by my count these compare - but honestly there are many variables...

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That's a tough one. Like Daizawaguy recommends above, if you can try on some other common boots (eg Alden Indys, Red Wing Beckmans, Wolverine 1000 mile), and then let Kyle know how you fit in those, he can make a more informed recommendation. In the end though, I'd probably go with Kyle's recommendation, if only because of Bakers' guaranteed fit program. If they recommend one size, you don't get it and the boots don't end up fitting you, you may be screwed!
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Fit is always a personal thing.  Every pair of off-the-shelf boots I've ever owned I wear a 9.5D.  I measure 9.5D any time I get measured.  Here's the problem though - when you get into companies that have different lasts, those standards go out the window.  My foot feels most comfortable with a little room in the toe box.  I don't like the sides pinching at all.  I tried Redwing GTs on in a Nordstrom and 9.5D my feet were swimming.  I tried 9s and they were better but still didn't feel right.  I ended up getting White's SDs in 9.5D and they're exactly the way I like them - a bit of room in the toe box with no pinch, but no heel slip.  Very much like I get my sneakers (9.5 or 10E).


But so much depends on how your specific foot shape fits in a given shoe - since everyone's feet are slightly different.  And, everyone's preference for fit is slightly different.


Similarly, when I buy AE shoes - generic advice tends to go out the window.  I buy a 5-last shoe and I get 9.5E and that's the best fit.  Some people say you have to drop down a size or up a size - not me.  All in all, if you never wear a 10 in any other type of shoe, I can't see it for a SD.  If you wear 9.5D for everything else then 9 for snug or 9.5 for a bit loose (since these boots will be a little looser than off-the-rack timberlands) is the way to go.

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So I've been lurking here for a while, and have now read all 2,058 posts on this thread. I'd like to thank you all for the wealth of information & images; you've convinced me to invest. My Redwing 'Gentleman Travelers' (style# 9013) are about to bite the dust after three years of near-daily wear, two resolings, and one climb up an active volcano - the heels are loosening, but the leather around the ball of each foot is badly cracked (I discovered Obenauf's too late in the game) & I'd rather invest the money into a new, custom pair of boots than pay to get these resoled yet again only to have the lower fail completely.

I generally wear a size 12D, but judging from the distortion in both my GTs & steel-toed work boots (Redwing #3508) I think I'm on the outside edge of that width. So it might be good to go for an E, or try the #38 swing last on a pair of White's Semi-Dress.

As for specs, what I'm leaning toward now is-

-brown horsehide upper, lower, vamp, etc.

-no toe cap

-no celastic toe box

-no steel toe

-tan liner

-rollover top edge

-pull loops

-antique eyes with speed hooks

-close trim

-leather laces

-Vibram 430 sole

-#38 last

-no half-slip

-Cuban heel, standard height

-standard midsole

-brown edge

-No logo!

These are for everyday wear in four seasons of Chicago weather, with occasional off-road travel, forest hikes, & jaunts to Europe or rural Latin America. I walk & bike everywhere - haven't owned a car since '99 - so my shoes see a lot more (ab)use than those of the average American. I like the idea of a boot I can clean up for a dressier occasion, but form will be following function here.

I want the full Vibram composite sole as the half-sole on my GTs seemed to allow some major leather sole damage when salty snow came around (I usually wear Bean Boots in the snow, but getting caught out in winter weather here is inevitable). And no celastic so that the toe box will conform to my foot better for greater comfort - plan on putting many miles on these.

A few questions for you all-

a) Do White's affiliated dealers offer measuring for custom boots? Since we're talking near $500 here, I'd rather have the pros gauge my size than submit a trace for guessing. Unfortunately I see no trips to Spokane in my near future.

b) Can the Semi-Dress on a Swing Last be built to a height of 7" of 8"? (or conversely, can Bounty Hunters be built on a Swing Last?).

c) Can Bounty Hunters be made from brown Horse Hide?

d) Anyone have long-term experience with White's horsehide? How does it hold up?
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Guys, thanks for the incomes. Actually, no way for me to try White's here in France... only chance is to compare with other boots and make a call to Kyle, as you suggest. Hope he really gives me some super affirmative feedback...

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What is the difference in sizing between SD and SJ?

I need some taller boots for moped/motorcycle riding..I'm a 9EE in SD
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If I wanted the SJ i'd imagine I can get same size in the 461 last (SD last/ bounty hunter) ?
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