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Those things look like they've seen WWIII

Your products will be fine- but for Christ sake, clean and condition em already!!!
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That is some solid advice, clean with what ya got. Horsehair brushes are around $10, saddle soap around $8, obenaufs around $13 for 8oz all of which will last a good long while. For around $30 you have just extended the life of your $400 boots. Dirt is just dirt, patina develops after years of wear and care.
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Originally Posted by Phil McCrackin View Post

Love the two right pairs ..
Very Viberg'esque ..
Would like those laces in my Vibergs - anyone any ideas where those colour laces they use are available ?

I have a pair in the distressed rough out leather. Great shoes. They came with the browns and green laces, although I switched out some light brown laces from some buck shoes I have.

They took some time to break in, but definitely worth it.
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Put in an order on the Internet if you can't find the products locally. I don't know where you live, but saddle soap is available at Wal-Mart and many other local stores. Amazon has everything you need, and so does White's. You have some great boots, but the filth and lack of conditioning is going to destroy them in short order. I wish I could get my hands on them so I could fix them up and return them to you in good condition. The worst is your left boot where I suspect the shifter on your motorcycle makes contact. You will soon have a hole there if you don't maintain the leather. At least with White's boots, you can have the bottoms rebuilt for about half the cost of a new pair, but you ought to be wearing out the soles and heels at least once or twice before you need a rebuild. You will need to do a deep cleaning of that left boot and apply oil then plenty of LP to replenish the oils and waxes in the leather. You'll be surprised how much the leather can normally be restored the first time you let it get like that, but you need to keep the leather in good shape in the future or it will end up being destroyed. CXL is not a terribly tough leather and needs to be pampered a little. But so does all leather, really, if you want it to last.

Here is a link to the leather care page for Russell Moccasin Company boots. It will give you good basic care instructions, including an example of the rescue of one pair of boots that was much worse off than yours.

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Picked up some Bickmore shoe cleaner today.
Wipe down
Use cleaner
Allow to dry
Allow to dry
I don't have LP but I have sno seal?
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Sno Seal is mostly bees wax. Bees wax is one of the ingredients in Obenauf's, but it isn't the major ingredient. I know a lot of guys love Sno Seal, and I have a jar of it. I used to use it a lot years ago, but now I use Obenauf's almost exclusively. Last fall I did a test and put Sno Seal on a pair of Wesco Jobmasters. You can really feel the difference between Sno Seal and Obenauf's if you have the boots right next to each other. Sno Seal feels waxier, and I would say it sheds water a little more than Obenauf's, but the Obenauf's seems to be absorbed into the leather, whereas Sno Seal is almost a coating.

I have also used a lot of Lexol conditioner in the past, and if you have access to the Lexol, I would use that before the Sno Seal.

The main thing is to get the leather cleaned, especially the creases, as Allan said.

Andy B.
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@brian get the best stuff you can find online and sent to you in the mail. That's what I did with a can of Pecards Antique Leather dressing (couldn't find that sh*t anywhere around here!)
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Can someone tell me the difference between the farmer-rancher boots and the classic workboot. I special ordered a pair of classic work boots from Bakers which I am waiting for, and I lucked out and got a great price on new pair of farmer-ranchers on eBay, and I kind of want to know what differences to expect fit-wise when my work boots are delivered. This was my first experience with White's boots and now I know why people on this site speak so highly about these boots. Truly awesome. I can't wait to get my special order boots. Thank you in advance for any replies to my question.
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Originally Posted by Brian Itzaina View Post

I took better photos today of my boots. I don't care what color they are, patina is patina to me as long as the leather is healthy.
I don't have many good cobblers around for saddle soaps and oils but I do have lexol leather cleaner, redwing oil, redwing shoe cleaner and a few other randoms never mentioned here available locally.







With relatively little wear on the heel, these boots are really beaten up. Can I ask under what conditions you are wearing them? 

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Thanks again guys for helping.

I started cleaning my right boot and I like what I see so far.

I am going to clean over and over until I get all the grime out/off I can before I oil.

After I oil I will sno seal lightly if I have not already picked up LP.

Here is a comparison after cleaning my right boot twice.



Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

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Wow, those clean up really nicely! The patina looks great; the natural CXL is ageing very well. You are getting me thinking about the natural CXL…

Thanks for posting the pics!

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Great pics, really shows what a good cleaning can do.

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Originally Posted by 4characters View Post

Wow, those clean up really nicely! The patina looks great; the natural CXL is ageing very well. You are getting me thinking about the natural CXL…
Thanks for posting the pics!

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Originally Posted by univibe88 View Post

I love my SDs, but I really wanted something with more ankle support. I ride my motorcycle to work everyday, and for me the SD just isn't substantial enough. The boots I typically wear are purpose built motorcycle boots. They are ugly and uncomfortable and I change into sneakers when I get to work.

But I figured some SJs would be the perfect boot to provide riding protection and all day comfort.

I read all 100+ pages. I debated chromexcel. I debated 8" vs 10". I debated Vibram 100 vs 430. Finally I came up with:
8" Lace to toe with false tongue
461 last
All distressed smooth leather
No liner
Cut top
Nickel hook and eyelet with and eyelet on top
Natural edge
Standard height cuban heel
Single midsole
Vibram 100 sole

I didn't even ask what the build time is. I almost don't want to know. But I will post pics when I get theses beasts!

I finally got these amazing boots today! I ordered them on May 7, shipped on July 10 and got to Boston on July 17. The leather smells so wonderful; it's supple, thick and oily.

I took a few pics in the afternoon light pouring through a window (including my SDs so they won't get too jealous) and a few out of the light but without a flash. The leather really is amazing.

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Uni, those are out of this world! Congrats!
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