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I've been holding off wearing my new HH SDs until I could find a day I could keep them on my feet all day without walking around too much. So, today, the 4th of July, was the day! Fireworks and celebration all around! The boots are breaking in nicely, but I can tell my feet are "breaking" in also to accommodate the boots. I'm a little sore at the end of the day, and the boots are definitely starting to form around my feet, so both of us have been bent out of shape by the day's experience. The nice part is that the boots fit snugly around my feet without being too tight, except where some curved parts of my feet need to reshape the boots to mold them to the protruding foot features. Another few days of wearing the boots should get them somewhat comfortable, but I know it will be months before i can say "they fit like an old pair of shoes." I was worried that my tracings, measurements and comments might not provide enough information for the shoe makers to figure out exactly what I needed. How greatly I underestimated those skilled craftsmen! Somehow, they got everything precisely right, including fashioning the build so the lace holes are still plenty far apart when the laces are pulled tightly to close the boots snugly around my feet. That has always been a problem for me, and the White's people (through Baker's) heard my concern and made the boots fit me properly. The arches hit my feet at exactly the right places and fully support them on the bottoms. Although the foot beds were initially somewhat irregular in their contours against the bottom of my foot, the moisture, heat and pressure of wearing the boots all day began to smooth out the beds and conform them to the soles of my feet. I thought I would have to spend far longer beginning the break-in of the boots and would need to change into a more comfortable pair of shoes after the first couple of hours, like the White's instructions told me, but I managed to make it through the entire day, instead. Whether I wear the boots again tomorrow is still an open question, although I think my feet will be feeling fine again by morning.

The horsehide is remarkably beautiful leather that is worth the extra cost. Everyone who has seen my boots comments on how gorgeous and well made they appear to be. Getting the HH is a decision I would never change. It looks perfect on the semi-dress boots, especially with the plain cap toes. These boots look very nice with slacks and a jacket -- and even a tie, when I'm forced to wear one. Of course, the boots look great with jeans or other casual long pants. I'll get some pictures up soon. Now I need to start putting together an order for a pair of White's Packers.

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Allan, you got me seriously considering the HH. But now it's time to pony up with some pics smile.gifwink.gif
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Agreed, bring on the pics!


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Alright, already. shog[1].gif Pics coming up this weekend. I don't mean to be holding out on you, but I have never posted pictures on this site and need to figure out how to make it happen. I took pictures of the boots before I wore them and now want to get a few photos after putting some pavement time in them. They're not looking broken in much at all, but you can see some progress. I can tell you that pictures don't do justice to the sheer beauty of the boots.



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I am looking to upgrade my order to a nicer boot that best meets my needs.. any tips for me?


  • Comfort for flat feet
  • Ankle support
  • Durability
  • Could be used as a dress boot



My main choice so far:

Custom Semi Dress - Chrome Excel Leather


  • Size - Length 10.5 -D (medium)
  • Last Standard
  • Sole Vibram Composition Half Sole
  • Hardware Brass Eyes & Hooks
  • Edge Natural
  • Upper (Shaft) Leather Navy Chrome Excel by Horween
  • Midsole Single
  • Pull Loops Leather Pull Loops
  • Leather Liner Cream,
  • Sole Trim Close Trim
  • Toe Vamp Leather Navy Chrome Excel by Horween
  • Toe Cap Medallion Toe Cap
  • Celastic Toe Box Single Celastic Toe
  • Heel Base Standard



Pros or cons? Any other boot I should look at?


Thanks smile.gif

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another option is the Viberg 2030 last service boots, but they're about 2x the price... They're a bit dressier looking but way sturdier built than Alden's.

Personally, I'd stick with what you got, but would get double leather soles instead of the half soles personally. I have found that the 705s are pretty thick and look pretty tough, so it may be the wrong aesthic for a dress boot... Otherwise I'd go single mid with 269 outsoles.
Just my two cents smile.gif
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Also excited to see navy CXL medallion cap toe boots- they sound killer!
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How about the natural edge, is it easy to keep clean?  How is the ankle support of the 5’’ SD? Is the Celastic Toe annoying?

The navy blue CXL just blows my mind! I just have to have it...

This picture from supertalk.com also made a big difference in my decision making process (- the lowered heel):



Thanks B-ewing

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That might be the lighting or a darker wax used but navy CXL looks a lot lighter than that in person. Looks nice though.
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Dude I take back everything I said about the 705 half soles. Those look killer! I may very well follow your lead, in fact! That's like a perfect compromise for a lowere heel. ( also, you're making me reconsider medallion vs standard cap toes wink.gif )

I personally like the natural edges and think the color contrast would be awesome on a navy boot. Yes they're pretty easy to clean, but mind you they will patina and darken up a lot with age and wear. But for me that's half the fun:)

To your question on ankle support, no idea. You could also get 6" bounty hunters for a little extra, but my guess is you'll be fine. You said something about flat feet. You do know Whites are all built with a high arch last, right? Maybe it's a good thing or maybe it's a bad thing... Fwiw, I have pretty flat feet and used to wear orthotics for planter fasciitis- I find whites to be incredibly comfortable (and for me it only took minimal break in).
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...And EWA, get them soft toe cap toes- I wanna see how the look and wear! biggrin.gifwink.gif
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Originally Posted by b-ewing View Post

 get them soft toe cap toes

You mean non-Celastic toe?

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Originally Posted by 4characters View Post

You mean non-Celastic toe?
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I also think that a soft toe sounds better, but from what I’ve read the semi-dress is only available in Celastic toe(pretty sure)…. Well, I suppose White’s knows better than me anyway, so I’ll just go with it…




BTW: The White’s Vintage is a lower quality production boot that isn’t fully Hand Made, it is also mostly offered in CXL 3-5oz leather when standard is 7-8oz. they are still wonderful boots I’m sure, but defiantly more of an entry level boot.


The navy CXL semi-dress boots I want are also 3-5oz, but when lined they are thicker than the standard 7-8oz according to very helpful White’s boot rep.

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