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Okay, here are some pictures of my brown horsehide semi-dress boots. The first few pictures are after I only wore them inside the house to make sure they fit properly so I could try to send them back if they didn't. The good news is that they were perfect on me, except for needing to be broken-in and molded specifically to the form of my individual feet. You can see the boots are barely creased. The next set of pictures will be after a long day of wearing around on pavement, in the car, in the office, etc., but even then you will see they are just beginning to break in a little.


Horsehide Semi-dress 1 photo IMG_1475.jpg

Brown Horsehide Semi-dress 2 photo IMG_1476.jpg

Brown Horsehide Semi-dress 3 photo IMG_1477.jpg

Brown Horsehide Semi-dress 4 photo IMG_1478.jpg

Brown Horsehide Semi-dress 5 photo IMG_1479.jpg

Brown Horsehide Semi-dress 6 photo IMG_1480.jpg

Brown Horsehide Semi-dress 7 photo IMG_1481.jpg

Brown Horsehide Semi-dress 8 photo IMG_1482.jpg



I tried to take this first set of pictures from a variety of angles and in various lighting conditions so the full range of color and profiles could be seen. I still had problems showing the depth and pattern of the beautiful horsehide. You have to see it live to appreciate how good it looks and how sturdy it feels. I'll post the second set of pictures momentarily.



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Here is the second set of pictures that I talked about in my last post as having been taken after a long day wearing them around the office, the pavement, the car, the house, and elsewhere. I photographed them with my other latest purchase, a Saddleback Classic Briefcase in Dark Coffee Brown. The briefcase gives a good color comparison with the brown horsehide.




Brown Horsehide Semi-dress 9 photo IMG_1483.jpg

photo IMG_1487.jpg

Brown Horsehide Semi-dress 1 photo IMG_1484.jpg

Brown Horsehide Semi-dress 13 photo IMG_1485.jpg

Brown Horsehide Semi-dress 12 photo IMG_1486.jpg

Brown Horsehide Semi-dress 10 photo IMG_1488.jpg



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Thanks guys for all the help and input. Regarding the arch ease, my dad was actually prescribed White’s boots for his flat feet by a foot doctor. I talked to White’s and they say the 5’’ should be fine, especially when considering I usually ware about 4’’ sneakers. They did say that the higher the better for ankle support though. I think I will most likely get some SJs or BHs someday. I have found the 10’’ to be quite nice by trying on my dad’s custom packers and SJs.


For now I think I will replace my old sneakers with pure classic American art…. 5’’ SD in navy CXL with crème liner and medallion toecap. I am just so excited! The boots I have decided on will cost more than my motorcycle did, but they will be my pride and joy! My hands are just trembling at the thought.


Allen: your shoes are beautiful, nice pictures.

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Allan, those are awesome! Can you remind me what the specs were again ? I'm feeling lazy biggrin.gif
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Allan, those are fantastic. May have to pick up another pair of white's after all!
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Hey, b-ewing I got an email response from White’s: The Vintage boot is made in the USA. It is just not all hand-made and hand stitched (White’s customer service).”


Turns out the email was marked as spam, but I still found it alright…

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Here it is, B-Ewing:
Originally Posted by Okal View Post

I was notified by Baker's that my horsehide SDs are in the build process and should be completed sometime next week or soon thereafter. Then White's ships the boots to Baker's who inspects them then sends them on to me. So, I should have my new boots on my feet in the next couple weeks! Here is my build:

Horse Hide Semi Dress by White's - 2332HH
Toe Cap Leather Color Brown Horse Hide
Sole Vibram 700
Size - Length 12.5
Hardware All Antique Eyes
Edge Brown
Upper (Shaft) Leather Brown Horse Hide
Midsole Single
Pull Loops No Thanks
Last Standard
Sole Trim Close Trim
Toe Vamp Leather Brown Horse Hide
Heel Base Standard Curve
Heel Lifts Standard Height
Size - Width: Ball C, Heel B
Toe Cap Leather Toe Cap (only available on plain toe style)
Celastic Toe Box Single Celastic Toe
Leather Liner Cream

Nothing too fancy except for the narrow heel and medium ball that requires White's to build a special last for my boots. That's why I'm paying for custom boots, which makes the price I'm being charged reasonable, even with the added cost of the special last. I just hope they fit well, as I have been assured they will. Baker's and White's both have my tracings and my measurements. Fortunately, my feet are virtual mirror images of one another, so if one boot fits, the other almost certainly will too.

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Hey, b-ewing I got an email response from White’s: The Vintage boot is made in the USA. It is just not all hand-made and hand stitched (White’s customer service).”

Turns out the email was marked as spam, but I still found it alright…

Originally Posted by Okal View Post

Here it is, B-Ewing:

Thx gents!
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Those are BEAUTIFUL! You are going to force me to get another pair of White's in HH. biggrin.gif

Andy B.
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I just cleaned, dusted, oiled, polished, and put new laces in my mom’s Hunters and they are looking fine!

I can really see why so many people like the standard oil tanned leather so much.










The White’s boot oil just came today and it has the most wonderful applicator… It’s a fuzzy ball that is really great for getting the oil into the welt and allows just the perfect amount of oil (no drips) to go on the boots.

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That is a classic, beautiful pair of boots.

Well Done!



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No pics up yet but some dude is selling some size 11D horsehide SDs for about $350 BIN right now: ebay item number 300931035947
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I just ordered my first pair of White’s!


Custom Semi Dress - Chrome Excel Leather
Last Standard, Sole Vibram Composition Half Sole, Size - Length 10.5, Hardware Brass Eyes & Hooks, Edge Natural, Upper (Shaft) Leather Navy Chrome Excel by Horween, Midsole Single, Pull Loops Leather Pull Loops, Leather Liner Cream, Sole Trim Close Trim, Toe Vamp Leather Navy Chrome Excel by Horween, Size - Width D (medium), Toe Cap Medallion Toe Cap, Celastic Toe Box Single Celastic Toe, Heel Base Standard


Thank you, Kyle and Sheryl from Bakers for helping me with my order. Thank you, B-ewing for changing my mind on getting the Semi-dress + giving advice. Thank you White’s boots for helping me out with my order and being so nice. Thanks all, I have the perfect boots for me, my dream boots, on the way and I’m ecstatic.


In 8-10 weeks or so I'll post picures...

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Congrats man! I think youre going to be really glad you bit the bullet and went for these over the others.

Looking forward to seeing em biggrin.gif you will in turn help me out with my decision making!
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4characters, those are going to be awesome! Congrats!
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