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How the hell do you keep the Chromexcels looking that good?
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haha....I honestly don't wear them a ton for some reason. I like my cap-toes better, and I have a few pair of Alden boots as well (including some well worn chromexcel Roys) so these ones are still pretty fresh. Give me time though...they'll get there.
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since this thread is actually getting some interest, i just want to throw out there,

if anyone has a used pair of whites in 10.5, let me know
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Is anyone able to associate Alden's Barrie last sizing with White's Semi-Dress sizing? I'm a 9D in the Barrie and it's pretty much my best fitting last of any shoe I've tried (maybe on par with the C&J 325). Would I be a 9D in White's?
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From what people have said on SuFu go up a half size, so you'd be a 9.5D. You can always do your tracings and send them in to whites/bakers and they will match a last for your foot.
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yeah, the White's fit a little smaller then the Barrie last probably. I have White's in 11 and 11.5 as well as Alden Barrie last boots in 11 and 11.5. The 11 Barrie last fits me pretty solid, my roughout White's are both 11 and my toes touch the end just barely (which works ok with the unreinforced toe box). With a reinforced toe the 11.5 is really a better fit for me on the White's. My 11.5 Barrie last boots are just a little too big but I've had them a while and can wear them comfortably enough so I don't see any need to get rid of them either.
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Well broken-in White's semi-dress boots in black, fresh from a polish, in the California morning sun.

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Meso - Those SD's are in black? Is it me, or do those pictures make the leather look a lot like White's Dress Brown leather? What kind of polish do you use? And how long have you had those?
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I've had them about a year, but I'm the second owner, so am unsure of how old they are. I guess there's a chance they are browns polished black? But I don't think so... the light is bringing out highlights... IRL they look black, no question. I don't really polish the tongue often.
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Does anyone have some examples of how the non-traditional leather looks? White's seems to have a large selection of Bull Hide and Water Buffalo both of which had a interesting texture but could also be a bit.... much.
post #26 of 9578 This site has a good index of different whites
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I have had no experience with Whites, but I was just wondering from the pictures:

Are they stiff at all?

With the thick leather soles, do they feel really rigid?
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White's are incredibly comfortable and I wouldn't say the leather is stiff... it's basically molded to your foot after being broken in. The tongue is very supple, and the arch support means you can wear them all day and not be sore. Soles on my SDs are vibram. There's a reason they have a following among firemen.

BTW, here's a pair of SDs in 10E for 225...
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The double leather soles are a little stiff to start out, but not as much as you would think and are not uncomfortable in any way. They really do mold to your feet after a while, much more so then Aldens. I have and love both but the White's really are my favorite boots.
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I hated the Alden Indy's I bought in SF a couple of years ago. The speedhooks bent, the tongue was crooked and they weren't particularly comfortable. For $300 I expected way, way more. My White's are insanely comfortable even as heavy as they are. Going back to the Thorogoods I wear to work (basically look like Red Wing 975s with a round toe rather than moc, I don't know the model name) is tough. Those are nice boots and broken in, but I've gotten so used to the arch support and my feet never getting tired. I need to polish my captoes and then I'll try to get new pics. I'm very hard on shoes so they're already getting scuffed up. The only thing I wish White's would offer is a Cambrelle lining, ala Wesco. I'd love to have a sweat-wicking lining rather than leather.
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