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Originally Posted by slide13 View Post

Mine are lined, I like it. I've had CXL unlined but never the dress leather. Still, I'd go lined again if I were doing it over.

Originally Posted by fuzzyearlobes View Post

i would stay unlined for CXl and lined for others.  

Thanks. What are the pros and cons of each?
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My CXL SD's are lined.

My CXL 1,000 miles are not lined.

My feet have never been cold even standing in the snow with my SD's.

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the only leather i would get unlined is one of the heavy duty leathers such as the black smooth, brown smooth, or red dog smooth. I'd line the dress leathers as they are about 2 oz thinner.

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Originally Posted by Jack Hazer View Post

@ tavoz, these are the lowered block heel. On other configurations I think the regular block heel looks a bit funny/chunky. I felt that by lowering it and adding the double leather sole, it would even out the overall look. I actually have another pair on the way, same configuration but with no cap toe and close trim.

Jack -- I'm looking at getting some HH SDs and think yours look great, although I am leaning toward the Cuban heel. Are yours the standard SD last? Since you are getting another pair with no cap toe and close trim, are you doing that because you think the boots would look better in that configuration, or just for variety? Everyone I show pictures of your boots (me included) really like the addition of the toe caps, and the standard trim looks great too. On the other hand, I haven't been wearing your boots for 3 months like you have, and none of us has seen your boots in person. Is there any way for you to show your boots in complete profile to get a better idea of what they look like with your sole/heel combination? Many thanks.
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Thanks for the pic. Awesome... I love the look of the leather too, is this 7-8 oz. oil tanned?

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It appears the arch support is high in these guys - anyone with flatter, semi wide feet wanna chime in? It'd be much appreciated:)
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@david3558 both pairs of my white's are 11.5F, so yea, I have wide feet but I have decent arches as well. I have owned and own many different boots, and my white's are the most comfortable, well made boots I have ever owned. Sorry I can't say much about flat feet. I love the arch ease. I can and do, wear them all day. Oh and joy division is awesome. Nice avatar
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Originally Posted by david3558 View Post

It appears the arch support is high in these guys - anyone with flatter, semi wide feet wanna chime in? It'd be much appreciated:)

I have somewhat wide and flat feet. I got the commando mini-lug half sole with the regular height heel and they're great. The mini-lug half sole adds around 1/2" to the forefoot so it makes the arch-ease less pronounced. You can also get them with the heel lowered 1/4" to do something similar, which is what is recommended for people with low arches / flat feet.

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Is black smooth the same leather as oil tanned 7-8 oz. wich is used for Smokejumpers?
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@ okal, mine are standard SD last. My second pair are close trim with no cap toe because I want the variety and I also like the look. They each serve their purpose. The double stitched standard trim can be a bit cumbersome, but have that authentic work boot appeal. The second pair is designed to be more sleek and more appropriate look for dressier occasions. To answer your initial question... Yes I am in the process of compiling a more comprehensive picture profile of the captoe version shown above. I'll have it posted soon.
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Ok so, cuban vs block... My oh my are there a lot of debates about this topic on this thread. In my most humble opinion they both have their place and should be appreciated equally. I spent the first 27 year of my life living I'm Texas and living in cowboy boots. I have literally worn nearly every type of hide I have read about in this entire forum, in one form or another. Most of the cowboy boots I have owned were equipped with that is called HERE as a cuban heel. Some I have worn have been called a roper, which is a lowered block heel, but a pull on none the less. I have never heard of a west Texas rancher bitchin about the untraditional nature of blocked heels because they are both that... Traditional. Boots in general are not limited or designed for one look or purpose; they are utilitarian by nature. Just because the first version of a boot had one type of heel does not make its progeny its lesser. My father handed me down a pair of blocked heel ropers from the 1950s and they look classy as hell, allowed an effortless gate, and had never been resoled or reheeled. I love it all, no hate here.
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My six months old Semi Dress with Horween Chromexcel leather. I use this to ride my Harley to work on a daily basis.



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to @the shivman: thanks. I wonder if it would be suitable for SD... maybe too thick for being lined, what do you think?

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