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Hello everyone!

I'm new to this forum. I've been thinking for quite a long time to get some White's custom SD, but I live in france, so no way to even see one pair in real or try it, only google pic and you guys, to help me make some choices... By the way, this thread has been really helpfull for me, so thanks to all of you, reading your posts allowed me to figure out a lot of things. Now I've made my mind.

But I still have one point to solve, and I'd really appreciate your inputs!

I'm going on:


Leather : all black Horse Hide

Toe Cap Leather: Medallion cap toe

Celastic Toe Box: Single

Leather Liner: Black

Pull Loop: No

Eyelet Color: Antique

Sole Trim: Close Trim

Eyelet Configuration : Hook and Eyelet

Lace: Nylon

Sole: Vib 700 or 269 westerner???

Half Slip: No

Heel Shape: cuban heel

Heel Height: Minus 1/4"

Last: Standard

Midsole: Standard

Midsole/Edge Color: Brown


The question left is: I've read here a guy complaining about the 269 sole (wich would be my first choice for aesthetic reason), saying that it's very slippery when it rains. I live in Paris, which is a rainy town for sure, and I'm planning to use my SD for every's day wear, walking by the soggy streets... I would really appreciate some inputs of 269 users in such conditions. Do I actually risk my life? Should I go on 700 or composition half sole?


Thanks! (and grettings!)

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Slipping for city wear is a non-issue. It might slip on Smoke Jumpers in rough wear compared to a lug sole, but for city wear they give a nice profile. What is more significant between the westerner or half sole is the leather that remains on the half sole - beautifully curved, and geives a great look for classic city looks. Enjoy!

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Thanks for the help and the beautifull pics, daizawaguy, this is helpfull. By the way, I see that you're from Tokyo, and I'm going there in february for buziness, I was thinking to take the chance to seek some White's SD... Couldn't find a dealer on White's website, but I know that there are some dealers in Jp. Can I ask you what is the best spot in your opinion?


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Welcome! There are dealers (Free and Easy is the name if I recall) but they go for Yen 98,000 - thats Dollars 1200 or so!! With those prices, all mine obviously are from Bakers!


You will love the Jeans selections here though - the made in Japan selvage are not cheap, but the very highest quality...enjoy

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Read up on White's here and got me some SD in dress brown ordered today. Hope to have them shortly after i get back from Greece, makes the wait easier...thanks for the info  

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Thanks! I was planning to order through Baker's anyway, but I'll go and check and enjoy. "Being on diet doesn't means you're not allowed to read the menu..."   plus the fact that I've also been seeking japanese denim here in France (like Flathead for ex), with no success till now. So definitely a good help. Thanks again!

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Absolutely Tavoz - you'll see some nice original leather combinations there. It`s near Jingumae subway station, just up the road from the BMW shop opposite the rugby stadium.


Here are some close ups of my Whites `denim edition`...














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And some of my water buffalo dark cherry...
















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Wow... thanks, both are really awesome. This is real craftmanship. And the dark cherry buffalo is just amazing! Is the sole on this pair a 269? And standard height for the heel, right?

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No the sole is the standard 700. I believe the other would be a slightly thinner profile. Yes, the heel is standard. It`s also a two tone, the cap and back is dark cherry, and the middle is dark brown, although the difference is too small to notice - I guess they did some grading to match the tone...

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Well I spent the whole day going through all 73 pages of this thread. Wow a lot of nice boots with lots of colors and choices I must say. Are any of you guys on your feet 10 plus hours a day? I currently wear the ecco track 2 boots and I usually plan on buying a pair every year I have had great luck with them and it is hard finding a size 14. I like the whites boots and was wondering if the best way to get the best fit is to go to the factory. I was thinking the the vibe 269 sole would be the best sole for this much walking and being on your feet all day I dont know much about these boots so Im thinking of going to the factory Im sure they can show you all color combos etc there. Thanks for the information

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from ecco going to whites will be like sleeping in waterbed compared to sleeping in an old leather matress
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Originally Posted by UPSMAN View Post

 Are any of you guys on your feet 10 plus hours a day? 


If you get the right fit, you`ll be fine. They have a highish arch, so its crucial to get the fit. I went through 2 par before I found my perfect fit. Fortunately there is a good second hand market!

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Originally Posted by daizawaguy View Post

So would you suggest going to the factory for the best fit?

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