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The wolverine 1000's are not even in the same league as Whites or Viberg's.  In fact, all the 1000's I have seen and handled seemed flimsy and cheap.  I personally prefer the Viberg heel. I have a lowerd cuban on my White's and I might just have a standard height done next time around.  I kinda wish it was more modern to be honest, but whatever, its  a small complaint.  

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The form factor of 1000 miles is smaller and they always feel too light & diminutive.
White's are far more substantial and heavier, a much better compliment to substantial jeans and workwear.
I even vastly prefer red wing beckmans to wolverine 1000 mile boots.
I've kept a pair of chestnut 9013's around after selling the 1000 miles I've had over the years.
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Love to see a full side shot of each of these...

Originally Posted by patrick_b View Post

IIIrd Icon,
Thanks for sharing. I know what you mean now about the Viberg heel. Much more different than I would have thought.

For reference, I just asked a friend to take some pictures to compare the Whites & Viberg heel. He recently took ownership of the Viberg Service boot (mocha CXL) and has had the White's Classic Work boot (brown CXL) for a couple of years. I just sent him this link so perhaps he can chime in on any comfort and aesthetic differences.





The last thing I need is another pair of work boots but Whites & Viberg are just in a completely different league than my original brown Wolverine 1K's and my RW Beckman/9011.

I was all set earlier this year to build a pair of SD's in brown dress & cuban heel when my wife surprised me with a pair of RW Beckman's out of the blue. I was so shocked that she remembered which boot. Maybe she listens to me after all when i'm droning on about apparel & footwear smile.gif . I figured my boot needs were taken care of but I keep coming back to the SD. It's a curse.
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Hey guys, the above pics are mine via my friend Patrick b. I'll get some pics of the boots up separately. Just a quick note. I only have about 20 hours on my Vibergs and they won't get abused like my White's have (18 months old) but out of the box the White's were more comfortable even with the arch ease break in. I'll have more of an accurate idea on the Viberg's in about 3 months. They are very different wearing boots because of how I spec'd them. 





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Here are my White's new:




3 Months:



6 Months and a fresh coat of Obenauf's LP:




18 Months and with my brand new Viberg 1950's Service Boot:





Viberg's by themselves:



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@climbing are those Bounty Hunters?

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I thought I recognized those boots from USN:)

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ha same here
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Originally Posted by the shivman View Post

@climbing are those Bounty Hunters?

Nope, they are the Classic Work Boots, built on the 461 last.
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Originally Posted by fuzzyearlobes View Post

I thought I recognized those boots from USN:)

What's up brotha!smile.gif
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does anyone here have the hathorn rainier oxfords? I have been jonesing hard for these lately.





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Just sent in my foot tracings to Kyle, gonna place my order soon, so juiced.


Most likely gonna get

6 In Smoke Jumper

Semi Dress Last

black cxl everything

antique eyelets and hooks

Natural Single Midsole

Celastic Toe

Pull loop

cuban heel lowered 1/4

vibram 430 sole

cant decide between close trim or not-  i've had problem with stitch splitting before.  does the close trim make it more likely to happen?



benefits of leather liner?

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i have the red dog rough out oxfords.  pics were posted earlier, look at the thread pics for them.  I really like them.  They took a bit to break in and flex.  They are heavy.  The build construction is solid, but the attention to detail is not as good as White's.  The stitching is not as even as I would prefer.  I mean, its not a deal breaker, but for $300, I kind of expected more, even though hawthorn is their lower end model.  

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Originally Posted by the shivman View Post

does anyone here have the hathorn rainier oxfords? I have been jonesing hard for these lately.

Those are very nice shoes in my opinion. And I own a pair by myself in the rough out colour you posted. I found these amazing shoes only because of superfuture user Morse9443 posted these stunning pictures. Thanks Morse9443.

These are built well and are very comfortable shoes. Leather is tough and beautiful. As you can see from the pictures it ages very well too. Rainiers have a Vibram sole which is quite slippery on ice so I use these quite seldom. The pair sligthly large for me so I am about to sell these to afford a new pair.
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These are the build sheets for both my White's CWB and my Viberg 1950 Service Boot, if anyone is interested.



2011 Classic Work Boot

Size 8D based on tracings

Height - 6 inches

Lace Design - Plain toe

Brown Chrome Excel Leather by Horween - Entire boot

Edge - Natural

Midsole - Single

Sole - Vibram 100 lug sole

Celastic toe box - Single

Pull Tabs - Yes

Lining - No thanks

Hardware - All Antique eyes

Toe Cap - Leather toe cap

Sole Trim - Close trim

Heel Base - Standard/Cuban

Heel Lifts - Standard





1950's Custom Service Boot

Ice Mocha Chrome Excel by Horween - entire boot

Stitching - Brown, entire boot

Height - 6 inches

Tongue - Mocha Oil-Tan

Turned up toe box

Brass Eyes

Laces - Brown/black leather

Edge - Natural

Midsole - Single

Sole - Vibram 430 Mini-Lug

Sole trim - Standard

Toe Cap - Dress/Broges toe cap

Lining - Red Leather

Heel - Standard/Cuban

Heel Lifts - Standard

Size 8D or 7-1/2 UK which is what they go by.

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