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Schott 660 fitted cafe racer jacket

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Hey I was looking at getting a new cafe racer style leather jacket.
After doing a lot of research, even in the realm of custom jackets, I came across the Schott name.

Well, they have a lot classic designs, but the one I was interested in is the new, modern, and fitted style jacket in the 660 design.
There seems to be a distinct lack of info out there on this model.

Just wondering if anyone has one of these. How they fit? How does the leather compare to other models? And if you had any pictures?

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I take it you are not using this as a riding jacket?

I've never seen the 660 in real life, but it's clearly cut longer and is described as lighter weight than their traditional riding jackets. I've owned the "641" "Single rider" for about 7 years, and put 20,000 miles or so on it, including two crashes in which it held up very well (it shows road rash). The cut is very snug- I bought a 36, which is my suit size, and it fits like a glove. I wouldn't want anything more fitted...

I think if you are NOT riding in it and you want a fashion jacket, it's worth taking a chance on ordering- the company is excllent and will take a return if you don't like it. They also do custom alterations, if it comes to that. However, if you are looking for a riding jacket, definitely go for a full-thickness version.

good luck!
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You're spot on. I hadn't planned on using this primarily as a riding jacket. I already have a beefcake leather jacket for that. However, that jacket certainly isn't going to be making an appearance out on the town. Ha. I asked about the customization from Schott, as well as the measurements specific to the 660. They quoted me $975 dollars and 10-12 week lead time, and sent me a Excel spreadsheet of their standard dimensions. The custom options I asked for were not much more than having it fit my measurements, so I was a little sticker shocked by the difference in cost. Opting not to go the custom route, I went for it, and ordered one of their standard size 660's. I will post comments and perhaps a picture or two when it arrives. However, I have zero frame of reference when compared to other Schott models, or other cafe racer style jackets, so keep that in mind. They have polite and prompt customer service, and worst case, i will return the jacket if it fits poorly. Anyone out there have the 660?
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Yes, please do post your thoughts on the 660!!!

I was eying it for a while but wasn't sure if it was worth the 500, or what size to order. Be curious to hear what u think. patch[1].gif

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