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Originally Posted by Rolo
My recent experience.

I placed an order on 22 September.

On 14 October I received a confirmation email from Ricky apologizing for the delay and saying that my shirt would go out ASAP. Ricky also charged my card on the 14th.

My guess is that the shirt was done on the 14th and mailed soon thereafter because it was on my desk this morning. It must have arrived last week while I was in California. Now I've got to run home and see how it fits.

I get the distinct feeling that when you get a "confirmation" email from Ricky, your shirt is going to be made that day unless the email contains questions rather than being a true confirmation.

I got an October 14th confirmation as well, and was charged then too. Haven't seen it yet, but maybe it's waiting for me at home. Hmm, maybe I will leave early today.
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Originally Posted by acidicboy
yeah. maybe some people imagine jantzen to be a large tailoring establishment in the glitziest part of hongkong, with probably bolts of cloth lined up neatly on some large dark wooden display rack, and plush carpeting and leather armchairs where you can sit and wait while somebody gets you a cup of oolong tea.

HAHA!! Just trying to imagine that and reconcile it with the tiny overcrowded shop that is barely big enough for Ricky and David. Nevermind the customers that come in.

When I went to pick up my last order, there were 2 guys who had just grabbed tons of swatches and a pair of scissors and sat down on the floor outside. Come to think of it, bring a few beers along with you, and its a decent way to spend an hour or two

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I ordered on the 16th and got a confirmation on the 28th. Shirts are being shipped in a week. That's a little over 2 weeks turnaround. Ricky's got his business back on track.
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Placed my order on the 19th. Got my confirmation on the 27th.
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Received my order yesterday after reconciling an out-of-stock fabric on Oct 1st.
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Got a recent confirmation as well after a week or two, can't wait to get my third shirt. Hopefully it will be perfect.

I predict a lot of "critique my Jantzen" threads in the near future.
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Still waiting on an order placed Sept. 14th.
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Still waiting on order placed on August 2nd. Called Ricky 3 weeks ago. Credit card charged on Aug 7th.
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That's pretty bad service. This guy is lucky to have (online) customers in my opinion.
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Originally Posted by pinchi22
Still waiting on order placed on August 2nd. Called Ricky 3 weeks ago. Credit card charged on Aug 7th.

I still think that the post may be a bigger problem than Ricky. Recently, I've had three packages returned to senders (one overseas) due to an "unknown address" despite the fact that hundreds of pieces of mail make it to the same address each day.

Anyway, I pulled the trigger on a bunch of shirts last night.

The story so far . . .

Order No. 1 -- Took about three weeks after getting confirmation from Jantzen to arrive. Shirt was very nice quality but unwearable due to the bonehead that took the measurments (moi).

Order No. 2 -- Order placed on 22 September. Confirmation on 14 October. Arrived 23-27 October (I was out of town and don't know what day it actually arrived). I really like the fabric on this shirt. It is a blue & white dogbone dobby. The weight is substantial and it has a sheen which some may not like (but I do). I received a number of positive comments on it the first day I wore the shirt.

Most importantly, shirt number 2 fit the way I like it. The tailor that does my MTM suits & pants said he wouldn't make changes.

Order No. 3 -- I ordered 9 shirts last night (6 November). 6 for casual wear, 2 dress shirts and 1 that can cross over. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

The casual shirts all have hidden buttondown collards and double button cuffs:

The dress shirts both have french cuffs. The blue one has a semi-spread collar and the white one has a shark fin collar and a fly front:

The crossover shirt has a semi-spread collar and double button cuffs:

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I placed an order in July. Confirmation and an apology for the delay came around three to four weeks thereafter, saying the shirts would be sent asap. Then I extended the order with another shirt at the end of September. Unfortunately I haven´t received any of the shirts yet. While I´m generally known as quite a tolerant chap, my patience is starting to wear thin by now. I love Jantzen shirts for their stunning value - for - money ratio, but I´m not prepared to take the hassle of chasing after Ricky on the phone and leaning on him to sell me a shirt any more.
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Three shirts arrived yesterday from a Sept. 14 order. All were made exactly to specifications.

Ricky may take his sweet time, but he makes a great shirt.
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