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The best clothing you ever bought on B&S?

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What is the best or favorite clothing you ever bought on B&S?

For me

Shoes : C&J suede cap toes

Jacket : Borrelli cotton khaki jacket with patch pockets
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For me: multiple pairs of Vass before going MTO. Never would have had relatively low-risk access to them otherwise.
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this is a good thread.

for last year the best item i bought hands down was actually a few things:

rlpl drake navy pinstripe db suit.

this was the bomb. superlative suit. i just adored it. unfortunately i had no reason for suits and also i am not a 42R anymore. so i sold it.

rlpl flannel wool dark charcoal chalkstripe pants w sideadjusters (size 48 /32 slim)

love this pants. most decadent pant i ever received. i bought it a size smaller just hoping to some day fit into it (because i didnt want to wear this fat) so i chanced buying a size 32. now it fits me like a model. i will have to tailor it one day (hem) so i can wear it to somewhere
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I'll add the other side. My best sale - a Glashutte Original Senator Panorama date & moon. Sold more quickly on B&S even though posted on TZ and Purists beforehand!
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Isaia navy linen suit, from Spoopoker. Fits me perfectly and I get compliments on it just about every time I wear it.
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RLPL Carter's from earthdragon. A great price on a shoe you rarely see.
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Glen plaid Cucinelli jacket from Angelic Boris.
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A filson bag. I'm a small tymer.
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A couple of great Spano suits from Whusurdadi, a great tweed Flusser SC from Tweedydon, an Isaia suit I wore today from FStyles, a MF shirt from NDW that I am wearing into the ground and lots of great ties...

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it WAS a brown cashmere sweater by RL Polo...until i left it in the closet uncovered and it got moth eaten (or at least bug eaten)
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First ever buy on B&S: Zegna Su Misura jacket that fits me like a glove without any alterations. Seen here:

Shoes: 3 pairs of Grenson Rose collection shoes: light brown, dark brown, suede chocolate. I especially like this one:

Overall, I can say I was pretty lucky buying from the forum. Only about 15%-20% of the items I didn't like.
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RLPL / st. Andrews jackets from dr. No and bbhewee JL Luffields - sorry for forgetting who sold this to me but my favorite sf shoe purchase Hermes cufflinks - I think these were from onix Loro Piana cashmere s/s car coat from the inimitable hammer 07
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I was just able to buy whiskey and ravello longwings in my size a standard one for ~$1000 (one was new, one was worn twice).

Honestly though, I like the Panta stuff the best, it was new, and its the first pieces from a line that has GREAT potential.
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navy 3 piece chalk stripe purple label suit.
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Multiple scores form singlechange, the lord of B&S!
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