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Anyone know where I can find hi-res pics from Qasimi? Saw some low-res and really liked the collection but I've only been able to find a handful of hi-res shots and videos
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can't wait to not be being to afford that Missoni. and where do I find the Céline woman ?
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nah go to the Celine site and eye rape those shoes like I am
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Damn, think I have an open <div> somewhere. Will repost shortly

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ffffuuuu.gif Going to have to find a new way to do it, guess I'll post it somewhere else and link it. Something is causing the 3rd spoiler tag to not work (I think it's handling my divs strangely)

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That's crazy work there ! (from the glimpse I caught of it)

Can't imagine how much of a PITA those kind of posts must be with the new editor. You're crazy, man.
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I think I'm going to temporarily place it on the ebay dump blog, but I have to figure out how I want to handle it so that I don't have around 2000 hd images on a single page. Making thumbnails seems like a pain in the ass, but I may have to go that route (tried my hand at my limited knowledge of javascript to do something similar to the spoiler function on the forum, blogger didn't cooperate). I could link to the photobucket folder they're all sitting in, but I feel like that would be a pain to view


Total came out to (of what I saved, much more was viewed and passed on) 189 collections


In other news, I got a parking ticket for going over by 6 minutes, $40. Thank goodness we have these academy washouts to protect and serve.

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