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Speaking of parrots
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Originally Posted by Lane View Post
Loooool, wow so basically if you dislike what he's going for you agree with SZ Don't get mad cuz you're number #456789988776543321 on this site that wears incongruous stuff with RO leathers.
Bro I didn't even mean this as some personal attack or anything but you turned it personal. I have no hate for you. How are you going to be butthurt about this when you pull this shit all the time (which personally, I don't even mind) I dont even know what posts you're referring to. I think both sides of this debate have valid points and kunk articulated his points well, but I don't remember you contributing anything much to it--so if you think this is some response to me supposedly being butthurt about some comment you made, it's not.
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Lane chill the fuck out. You're like the worst of me and xenox combined.
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Lol, well I thought you were joining the bandwagon by saying that comment. Also, I did articulate my opinion about this already without being a dick head about it but people persist in trying to label me so I'm not going to hesitate in retorting.
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pretty sure that no one tries to label you as anything; you just bring yourself up a lot. keep on keepin' on, SF.
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Bump! This thread should not be so dead. Maybe I'll do a top 5 favorite collection list (I like lists) later on, but for now here are a few topics:

In terms of the LFW Menswear Day; was there anything interesting? I had a quick look through and most was either derivative or a bit boring (and LFW usually manages to at least bring some over the top stuff).


Is it just me or have the collections, in general, been either poorly or over-styled this season?


I don't know if there is interest here in the womenswear fashion weeks, but in any case certain designers are showing men's looks along with their womenswear.

Thimister FW11:

Collection Link

I kinda like the luxury feel, but it is a bit sloppy (and not in a good way). Nice knits though.

Nicholas Andreas Taralis FW11:

Collection Link

I usually like Taralis, but not this time. What used to be sharp tailoring seems to have been replaced with ugly jeans, weird proportions, and horrible styling.

Gareth Pugh FW11:

Collection Link

I have a soft spot for anyone who aims to design futurism. And I think the women's looks great and will continue to look great off the runway...the menswear less so.
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I enjoy being very easy to please. Taralis was interesting and I quite liked the fit on the pants. Topman Design was nothing to hate with a few looks that I could see myself living in. Carolyn Massey didn't show I take it.
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Gareth Pugh is always pretty amusing to me, in a "I wouldn't wear it but I'm glad it exists" kind of way. Also, I don't know if this has been mentioned, but BoO looks super lame on a runway.
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^For some reason, I kept seeing that particular BoO pic everywhere for days after the show. I don't mind the brand, but it clearly calls for a showroom only presentation.

Originally Posted by Desi View Post
Carolyn Massey didn't show I take it.

You're right. I usually like her stuff.
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Probably because it's the more runwayish look BoO had to offer.

Didn't like Taralis either, Pugh women stuff was great (but I'm a sucker for golden stuff), the electric blue looks were a bit random. From LFW I retain nothing (except a boring JW Anderson ripping off Raf 2005 a bit - and disappointing in the shoes department - and christopher shannon nylon suits mountaineer steez, I don't remember Kashoura).
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this is so fucking cool.
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It's like something a necromancer would wear. in that it's totally fucking awesome
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Ok, this is mindblowing, absolutely love the silhouettes and the hairstyles are so fitting. Junya Watanabe 2011 also Ann Demeulemeester, my favorite designers for womens clothing. so freaking amazing! I don't know of a more impressive designer. Will definitely wear Ann D head to toe when I'm older.
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