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Are there any pics of the Attachment stuff? Apparently they were showing some stuff in the same venue as Boris Bidjan Saberi?
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Originally Posted by scott.m View Post
Nah you want the ruffled cuff jacket.

Well, yeah. The styling wasn't my cup of tea, but I think there are a lot of really nice pieces. i.e.:

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Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post
The Plokhov video was interesting. It's like he took his earliest, tailoring inspired collections, which sort of geek-chic, and then mixed it up with the styling that he apparently learned from Robert Geller (according to people who have worked with both, Plokhov was the tailoring guy, but the guy who really understood zeitgeist was Geller, ironically.) The collections that people rave about, like Cloak 04, apparently, were highly influenced by Geller. I'm pretty interested in seeing the full collection. Definitely looks like stuff I'll wear. Maybe I'll wear Phlokov and Geller together and see if the pieces don't explode from the supposed conflict between the two.

Raf, I dunno. I never liked his stuff, neither his early protest and youth subculture collections, which I found to be juvenile, at best, nor his later futurist collections, which, for me, seemed to have been stuck in a 60's cheesy movie version of 2010. I mean, neoprene boleros and velcro?

I went to school with Geller and dressed his models for his senior collection and I will say that my favorite collections from Cloak were definitely the Geller collections, it's easy to tell what choices were his. He has always had a very distinct sensibility where it's like a constant cycle from bright+fun to dark and serious. Of course Cloak was never brightly colored, but when they were using a lot of the the washed out purples and blues, that was clearly a Geller color palette.

I do like the Plokhov collection though, but it's pretty clearly different from a lot of the Cloak stuff.
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Originally Posted by andrewgreg View Post
Why there's no valentino again. I really like their men's collection, as well as Fendi for men. It seems like the only boutique carry Valentino men's collection is the one on Madison ave. I called the vegas Boutique yesterday and they no longer carry it. I sometimes see a few jackets or shirts in saks 5th ave, but very limited.
They've scaled back the menswear for a few seasons and did a showroom presentation. There is talk that for SS12 they'll be back on the runway. I think that they're trying to revamp and relaunch the line to satisfy a younger audience, given that the Valentino customer isn't who it once was (older rich guys aren't buying Valentino anymore.) As such, I'd say these last 2-3 seasons since Valentino himself retired were sort of "filler" seasons as it tries to find its niche and also be more in line (aesthetically) with the women's wear to create a cohesive brand image. As well, they are launching more 'accessible' (read, cheaper and less quality) capsule collections in many Saks stores, rather than the more exclusive collections in the standalone boutiques. These keep the Valentino silhouette, but without the details, at about half the price point (and made in places like Turkey, eastern europe, etc.)
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more pics in sig
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All those leather elbow patches.
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Is the thread dead and buried already ?

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No it's nawt. Bump for NY fashion week.
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Out of all the collections I think Ann D is the best one. Of course that's just my opinion, but I don't get blown away by anyone else like I do with her. One of the things that particularly struck me about this one is that every use of color was perfect in my mind. I always have favored her color choices, and I think she chose some really good ones for this season. The picture above is exemplary of this. Not to mention the color is easily paired with black. It reminds of me of how she works with the garments in black or white, and only adds color at the end of the process; if she thinks it will add something to the garment as a whole. I don't think she will ever lose her touch.
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Robert Geller FW 2011 Pretty boring and safe. Neckwear dominated a lot of the looks. I wish there was a little more color. My favorite: Rage and Bone Makes Geller look amazing in comparison.
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I always forget how little of interest there is for me at New York. What else is there that's worth checking out? Ervell, CK Collection (er...maybe), and...?
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I know it's women's, but I'm in love with this:
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these gray outfits are indeed amazing uncontrol.
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There's so much potential in all gray outfits w/ shades variations. I'm just waiting for Ervell and that's it. I'll keep this from Rag&Bone Not really feeling Geller but colors are great Oh look, it's Tagutcow
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