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Tweed Jacket...

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I'm looking to buy a tweed jacket. I love the Engineered Garments Herringbone Bedford, but I can't find one online in a medium. Does anyone have any suggestions of specific jackets that are very similar, or stores I should check out. I'm from Minnesota by the way, so online retailers are probably my best bet.

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Really like that jacket too. Not to hijack your thread calden but are there any cheaper alternatives to this EG jacket? -fn
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Phone Gary Drinkwater. He and Daiki are tight. (Gary was one of the people Daiki first met in the US when he came over, a long time back now). If anyone can get something special ordered for you (remember that it may not be available), Gary is the guy who will be about to set it up. www.drinkwaterscambridge.com You can also go vintage, but I have several Engineered Garments pieces (well, over half a dozen if you include accesories and bags), and I can guarantee you that the vintage pieces will probably be not as well constructed. There are also a rash of copycat pieces at Urban Outfitters, but I've seen these, and the fit and contruction and materials are all far, far, inferior.
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