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Good inexpensive made to measure suits

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Hi All,

I'm posting this thread as I was hoping to get some advice on good made to measure suits. I love suits and formal clothing but to be honest it's something I have really invested in previously, the only made to measure suit I have is one from Sam's Tailor.

Anyway I have decided that I want to invest a little more in getting some well fitted suits, I still can't justify going bespoke so I am looking for some reasonably priced made to measure retailers in London, preferably looking to spend under £400 per suit.

I assume the entry level option is, has anyone bought any suits from them and have any feedback?

After what are the next best options?

Thanks for any advice or recommendations.
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I believe Pernac are accessible throughout europe at, not sure if they have a physical London office to get measurements taken or not, but you can always get them other ways and enter yourself. They start at 250euro but I think you need to go to 300+euro for pure wool. Full canvas no fusing and seem very decent quality construction for the price. I've had one suit made by them so far, and pretty happy with it aside from a few of the normal small niggles getting a first MTM suit. House style is quite closed quarters so if you're enamoured of the current trend to much more open fronts then you may not like them. Frankly if you're in London I'd be tempted to look at the T.M. Lewin suits on sale for GBP250. At that price even if you need a little tailoring they're very good value. Decent enough cloth apparently and half-canvassed.
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TBH the experience I have had of getting suits altered in the past was not very good, had a couple of suits I got altered and I got charged more than I would of like (around £300) and wasn't too pleased with the results.

Can anyone recommend any good tailors for getting inexpensive alterations in London?

Going back to the made to measure route has anyone got MTM suits from Dress2Kill, SuitSupply or ASuitThatFits? If so what are your views on them?

Even better if anyone has got suits from more than one of the above how do they compare to each other?

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Alteration tailor:
I use HM Tailoring on Berwick Street. They have only altered jackets for me; however, they have altered suits and trousers for people I recommended.

They alterations they did for me -
i. two sports jackets were altered from the sleeves
ii. a camel-skin sports jacket altered from the shoulders
iii. designer jacket lowered from the sleeves and they also had to shorten the zip on the sleeve

So from my experience and what others have said, they know what they are doing.

My only suit that is not RTW or SR bespoke is from Cad & The Dandy. Their suits start from £450; for that price you will get a machine-stitched half-canvass suit and they will make a custom pattern for you. They have a wide range of clothes available in their base price.
This seems a more sensible option then getting a RTW altered.

There are options like George Tailors and their suits start at £460, I have read that all their suits are full-canvas.

Going with one of the above options or someone similar, seems a better option then getting a RTW altered (especially if you need a few alterations).
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