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Black linen pants...

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Hey all, I realize it may be silly to make a thread for this simple little question, but tonight I picked up a nice pair of black linen pants at Marshalls for a good price, but I've got a few questions. First off, the pants are pretty casual, flat-front and straight-leg with about a 10-11" leg opening on the bottom. No cargo pockets or anything, and they have a regular waist with belt loops, so no 'island casual' string tie waist'. I am wondering two things primarily. 1) Since the material is linen, is it only appropriate to wear them during spring/summer? I live in the north so the climate isn't exactly tropical. Its about 15 degrees right now. 2) What would look good? Any ideas as far as colors/styles? They aren't dress pants by any means, so I'd be going for a casual look. I was thinking a burnt orange linen button-down (short sleeved) or perhaps an untucked dress shirt with some nice texture to compliment the linen. As always, thanks for the responses. Eric
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yes in a northern climate, wear linen only in spring and summer (and early fall if still warm) with black linen pants, i find a white or very colourful linen (or cotton) camp style shirt looks best - avoid button downs, it just doesn't mesh style wise in my opinion - the other option is a nice high quality white long sleeved dress shirt, untucked
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I would pair them with some lightweight, pima cotton polos (Ralph Lauren does these well). As Hermes said, a nicely fitted white dress shirt, untucked, looks good- but it needs to look good untucked, which many do not.
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