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Colin's Traveling Bag - NWT - $750 Retail

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Ok, so you're on the road once a week? Maybe twice? And what kind of bag do you lug around? The stroller is too big, the duffle too casual, the garment bag too much - so what do you do? Well, here is a wonderful piece that might just be what you are looking for: The 2 Day Traveling Bag by Colin's. Tim Johl - descendant of Germany's famous leather dynasty Seeger - and Swiss uber designer Alfredo Haeberli have teamed up to create a series of leather bags and accessories, that defy the ordinary and create something very unique in an otherwise traditional market. The shape of the bag allows the carrier to store not just the laptop, and all things work related - but also everything you need for a new outfit. All that without being overly clunky or disproportionate or, you know, just plain weird looking... To top it all of, the bag has a subtle and gorgeous green stitching and the interior sports a turquoise lining (not unlike the bespoke suits from Savile Row...) that adds a little dash of flash that is only visible when the bag is opened, to an otherwise beautiful and understated bag. A couple words about the quality of the leather: The leather used for the Colin's collection is highest quality Cownapa, that is drum dyed with various oils to create a soft yet durable leather in a process that is similar to the italian tanning process. Through this labour intensive process the leather ends up with a subtle sheen and a wonderful touch that is a pleasure to hold and will keep it's shape for many years to come. As a bonus, this bag comes with a carrying bag that goes over the shoulder in the same green color as the stitching and lining of the bag (see the last picture.) Size: 23.5" x 14" x 4,5" (59 x 36 x 11 cm) I will ship via Regular Airmail as soon as your PayPal payment has been made. Selling for 270 USD after price drop, including global shipping. For sales outside the EU, I will gift mark the package and declare a lower value in order for you to possibly avoid any unwanted customs charges.
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Lovely bag, wish I travelled more.
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Please see below how the shoulder strap is fastened behind the respective handle (sorry for the bad image quality): I did not think that this post could be considered bumping - I published the strap fastening picture due to a PM request. Sorry about the post if it violates the forum rules. Also, thanks Blackhood below for the information.
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Great bag, but don't forget that if you bump without dropping the price, you'll just have your thread locked. Would be a shame for someoe to miss out.
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Nice bag. Bumppppp
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Great Bag!

(I'll take "things that go 'bump' in the night for 500, alex)
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Price drop to $270 including shipping.
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beautiful...will keep eye on
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PM sent on bag.
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