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Originally Posted by Manton
1) Manhattan
2) Hannah
3) Annie Hall
4) Crimes & Misdemeanors
5) All the pre-Annie Hall slapstick; tie

The rest doesn't do it for me. Except Zelig, which is one joke for 80 minutes, but at least it's a good joke.
Substitute Hannah and Her Sisters for Crimes and Misdemeanors, and Manton's list is my list. Among those in category 5, it'll vary from time to time, but I'm especially partial to Take The Money and Run. The whole bank robbery scene ("I have a gub? What's a gub?") incapacitates me with laughter.
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It's not really a "Woody Allen movie" per se, but if I can cheat a bit I like The Front a lot (great performances from both Allen and Zero Mostel).
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Originally Posted by Ivan Kipling
designprofessor . . . for me, Interiors is truly dark. Harrowing. The depiction of despair inside the church, as the camera follows Geraldine Page running from her humiliation, is quite searing. I wish Mr. Allen had delved even deeper, into high drama.

I agree, there are traces of this darkness that re -appear through his films as you know.
I still think often of his epiphany (I forget which movie)
where in the darkened theater, he watches the Marx Bros
on the screen and reflects on death /suicide.

"So what if the worst is true -you only go around once and there is no god -wouldn't you at least want to stick around for the ride?"
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I have to admit that my sample size is smaller than the rest of the group here, because while I saw nearly every WA movie up through about the mid-1990s, I can't remember seeing one since. There seemed to be a consensus among Allen fans and pro-Allen critics in the late 90s that he had lost his way. I take it the consensus here disagree, or at least hold that he got better in the new century?
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double post
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I'm not sure I'd join that "consensus". I thought Match Point was dreadful. (Although one scene amused me. Only in a WA film would the central sexual encounter be immediately preceded by the male lead rummaging around the house saying "have you seen my Strindberg book"?)
Aside from that, I've found his later films to be spotty. Certainly some have been amusing and have had insightful scenes that echo his earlier materpieces, but to me they don't hold together as well and have too much the flavor of somebody consciously trying to make a "Woody Allen Film".[/
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I don't think Allen's made an excellent film in a long time. They all seem significantly flawed in one way or another, while his best films feel flawless. That said, I see nearly every new film. I know I will enjoy them, and keep hoping he'll make a fantastic film again.

Match Point was okay, but I thought Scarlett and Jonathan Rhys Meyers were terrible.
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...Excepting Match Point, it appears that of the WA films I have seen, none were on anyone's top 100 list. I kind of liked Mighty Aphrodite and Deconstructing Harry but evidently his earlier work is what made his reputation. Thank you all for leading me to the light.
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wow, no mention of SHADOWS & FOG, easily one of my faves. and ZELIG has been snubbed, that one keeps getting funnier with repeated viewings.
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It's not surprising that WA ran out of steam, since he has essentially made the same move at least a dozen times. What really creeped out the critics, recently, was his continuing to cast himself as the romantic lead as he got older and less, uh, virile, while his leading ladies got increasingly younger and hotter. I gather he finally stopped doing that and began to cast himself more as a sage/advisor to one of the leads.
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I actually like the fact that I'm going to see a WA movie.
I think all the above posts hold true, that's what I enjoy about them.
I enjoy the stylistic consistency, even when its predictable.
Its the same reason I like vintage Bond movies -you know what you're getting and you enjoy it.

I wonder if critics began to complain about WA because of his personal life /complications as much as any film shortcomings?
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Originally Posted by designprofessor
I wonder if critics began to complain about WA because of his personal life /complications as much as any film shortcomings?
Not from what I have read. All that stuff went down in '92, and the critics were mostly still with him. The criticism I mean came later, starting around '98.
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I saw Crimes & Misdemeanors was coming on a movie channel and was rated a 4 star movie! I have never seen a Woody Allen Film, is Crimes & Misdemeanors really a 4 star film worth watching?
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Woody Allen quotes.

"Life is full of loneliness, misery and suffering..........and its all over much too soon."

And of course, "Well, I practice a lot when Im alone."
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"Sixteen year-old girls. Two of them, whenever possible."
Ok, I've just moved "Love and Death" to the top of my own early-slapstick WA list.
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