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Homemade Handrolled Pocket Squares.

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Added new PS. The older thread was locked... Adding new stuff and pictures. I make my own pocket squares for myself. I enjoy the process, so I'm making some from the leftover material for the SF community as well. They are all made from expensive premium cotton, linen, and silk and are completely handmade; I spend more than an hour per PS. Sizes are approximately 12x12. Price: $22 shipped CONUS. Discounts for buying more than one. If anyone wants contrast stitching on theirs, you can always send me a PM with that request. (money first). An example is shown below. The contrast stitching is done with a separate thread in order not to compromise the quality of the roll stitching. It's extra work, so the price on these are $25 for cotton and $30 for silk. White Batiste (silky-smooth) - 1 left. (1 more in production) Light blue with brown/gold pattern. Cotton. 1 left. Green Gingham Cotton - 0 left. White Linen (as white as the white batiste, color balance was off) - 1 left. (more in production, pay now, get it in a week) Dark Burgundy Batiste (really soft and silky) - 2 left. - $20 Q: Really nice. What kind of designs will you make? A: Whatever catches my eye next time I walk into a fabric store. I could also make someone a PS out of material you like if you send it to me. PM me for that. Q: I have a suggestion for spring (right around the corner, right?) How about real cotton madras. The type with slubs and imperfections. The multi colored plaid type with real preppy colors green, khaki, navy and pinks running through? They would be fun and ideal with any blue blazer or summer suit. Bergdorf had them like 3 years ago and they disappeared in a day. A: Thank you, I was just thinking of what to do next, as I had some time free up from work. I'll post a few within a week or two.
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I have the second one! Goes great with a solid suit.
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New pocket square added! There's only one extra this time. Nice spring (-ery?) color! Grab it while it lasts.
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New pocket squares: white linen, white cotton/silk blend and a white cotton batiste fabrics. Pictures coming soon. Same price as before, $22 per PS. $20 if you buy more than 1. If you want contrast stitching on the white squares - send me a PM with your request. Thank you.
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1 Pocket Square added.
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Just got my white linen PS yesterday, it's a beauty...highly recommended!
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Sent you a PM on the green gingham
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New pocket square added.
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Price drop on the burgundy PS and quantity update.
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pm sent
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These look great. You are inspiring me to give it a try myself.
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