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New suits! Benjamin, Baroni, or M. Valentino

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I'm looking to pick up a few more suits. Most suits are far too loose in the waist, even a lot of "slim" fit ones. I'm looking to spend $3-400 per and looking to buy 3. As of right now I just have cheap and ill-fitting JAB & MW suits which I plan to replace with one of the following. Stats: 42R, 5' 11", 182lbs, 32w/32l, athletic build. So basically the 3 options I'm considering...
  1. So I tried on some Italian made Baroni's at Frank's Custom Tailors in Boston today. They looked nice, would need waist suppression, Super 150's. All tailoring is included in the price and I could get 3 for $1100. Not a steal but reasonable considering all tailoring in included. They guy/place has been there 37 years and gets fabulous reviews.
  2. M. Valentino- Would be from Wizard of Ahh or whatever the name of Jeff's eBay store is. I hear he offers an Ask Andy discount too and I think charges an off eBay price of around $280. Supposedly slimmer cut than the Baroni's which he also sells (under the Danielle name now). I think I also heard that the new M. Valentino's are better than before.
  3. Benjamin- Found limited but positive things on his suits. He's a member here, they run $4-500 per. Limited selection. I did see a few reviews where they were compared favorably to much higher brands. I also heard one person say it was much better than M. Valentino.
I've read reviews on each but not that much on the Benjamin's. Also I didn't see too many reviews where they were compared directly against Baroni or M. Valentino. I'm still learning here and just want to make sure I get the most for my $$.
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How much would tailoring run you if you went with the M. Valentino?
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Benjamin. Call me vain, but I really don't want to explain to other people why my suits sound like cheap Chinese knockoffs.
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I don't know about the Benjamin suits, but the Baroni and Valentino are both cheaply made and not worth buying.
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No experience with Baroni nor Benjamin but can give my first hand experience with Marco Valentino. The suit I had in the past was half canvassed and it was not that slim if you compare to brands as Jil Sander, Dior Homme or Ralph Lauren Black Label however the price is also more friendly and readily available in staple colours (solid navy, solid grey or charcoal) and sizes. In my view for the price and if you are in urgent need of suit, MV can be a good workhorse suit (expect to spend additional $ to alter the trousers waist, length and the jacket waist), a suit that you do not mind to abuse.
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The Benjamin I have is a good balance of price point, construction, and cut. More than likely I will buy my next suit from them as well provided that they have my size.

No experience with the other two mentioned.
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Originally Posted by intent View Post
Benjamin. Call me vain, but I really don't want to explain to other people why my suits sound like cheap Chinese knockoffs.

+1 for this reason alone...the name "Benjamin" sounds like something legit, as opposed to pseudo-Italian names meant to have a buyer become trigger-happy and press that "buy now" button...thinking they're getting the deal of a lifetime
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Thanks guys, I have no delusions that I'm getting a $1,500 suit at a steal price. I'm just looking for the best suit for my money/price point. Again I've heard good things on all 3, and the few negative reviews I heard, came from people who I am not sure ever owned them. Quite frankly I can't afford in excess of $500/per at the moment so RLBL and the like is out of the question. eBay dumpster diving for brand names also hasn't been too fruitful with the exception of a nice Charles Tyrwhitt I picked up for $110. At this point I'm tempted to buy one of each and compare them, I know Benjamin and Jeff have impeccable customer service so I should see where they stand on returns for un-altered suits If I don't like them. I put a $300 deposit down yesterday to hold 3 of the Baroni's, I haven't been measured yet, so the purchase isn't set in stone. I think I'll only get one Baroni, as buying 3 wouldn't be advantageous and I'd prefer to try the others and have some variety in cut, material, etc. Also I've never paid to have a suit altered before but I'm guessing the $50-100 range per suit sounds right. Usually all my suits need is waist suppression and pants hemmed/taken in. Sleeves, length, shoulders, etc are all usually good to go OTR. As always I'm still learning so more advice and critiques are always welcome.
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Recently purchased a M. Valentino. They are the only cheap line that offered anything in my hard to find size of 34s. The fit is fine, but I haven't had i tailored yet. The fabric is better than my other crappy suits and the shoulders are nice and soft with minimal roping. If you want the slimmer M. Valentino, then ask for the Luca line.
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I've got a couple M Valentino suits, and they are very good workhorse suits. Definitely will need a bit of waist suppression out of the box, but at $280 a pop, are a great value. Jeff is a great guy to deal with as well.
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From what I've heard, Benjamin will be better constructed than either of the other two, and probably uses better material. Might be worth looking at sales too, or if you can pony up a bit more, try the Brooks Bros Milano.
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I think I'll try going with one of each.

I've sent messages to Jeff and Ben with a few questions, so hopefully I'll hear back soon and order some next week. I guess it will be up to me to be the first to do a side by side and give my novice opinion.
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reading this thread makes my head hurt.
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I don't have a Benjamin, but I do own an M. Valentino, which I bought because I wanted a single-breasted peak lapel suit but knew I wasn't going to wear it enough to justify an expensive one. I waited for the M. Valentino to go on clearance and won it for $250 plus shipping. It's a good suit for the $300 price point- it's the equivalent to JoS A Bank Signature Gold or HSM, but with a slimmer cut and higher button stance.

From what I understand, the Benjamin is a good suit on par with mid-level Zegna or Canali. Not owning one, I can't really comment on its quality, but just based on the reviews I'd recommend it over the M. Valentino for a staple suit that you'll be wearing often.
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I'd definately go for a Benjamin over those other two... full canvas, nice construction and materials and you'll be supporting a member of the community.
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