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Decent sales at Galvin for Men, My Wardrobe, and Bureau Belfast.
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Originally Posted by Louis XIV View Post

Have not received a reply from them.
May I ask you for the garment measurements of the size S aran?

Hi Louis, really sorry for the late reply. I hadn't seen your comment until now. Unfortunately, I'm traveling at the moment and won't be home until mid-January. If you PM me to remind me, I'd be happy to supply measurements. FWIW, I remember it fitting quite well, and I'm about a 36R coat.
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Don't worry, take your time.
Have a safe journey!
post #79 of 273 has a nice sale on Inis Meain. Picked up a mock turtleneck in Charcoal Gray for $234.00 to California including shipping. Does anyone know about sizing? I went with a medium since measurements from fransboone seem on the small side.
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I bought the charcoal crew neck in M at my-wardrobe and found it true to size. I'm 5'10 170lbs and it fits great. It may be my favorite piece of clothing.

Just bought a cardigan at Volls and am looking forward to it. Thanks for pointing that out.
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I didn't realize Volls was selling Inis Meain. Hmmm, I just might pick up a boatbuilder turtleneck, but lord knows I have enough knits.

True to size is correct.
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ziss i never told you but galvin measured the xl and it was like 25.5 supposedly
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long? That makes no sense...
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FYI There is a catalog type store called manufactum that has a bunch of Inis stuff but you have to go to their german site to find it:

It's impossible to use the web site but if you email customer service they are very helpful in English and will send you an order form. I got a cardigan and returned a few others that didn't work out awhile back.
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xpost from recent purchases. Finally caved at 60% off.

96% wool 4% cashmere.

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FYI, I don't think those are actually by Inis Meain. As I understand it, they contract out all their non-knitwear work, but I could be wrong (e.g. I believe Luciano Barbera makes all their shirts).
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You're right. It's designed in Ireland and produced by Barbera which I think I'm okay with. I'm breaking my no non-Schneider outerwear rule, but I really like it. I have the SS merino coat, but I wanted a long wool coat that doesn't have a hood.
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Just picked up my first Inis piece from my-wardrobe and I have to echo what others have said - incredibly soft fabric that feels like it's made out of 100% cashmere, not a 90/10 merino/cashmere blend. Unfortunately, I also think it's going to pill easily but I guess we'll see how it holds up.


I'm definitely going to have to keep an eye out for more stuff for next fall/winter season.

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Just picked up a grey knit cap(my first Inis) from Nitty Gritty, really impressed with it. The fit/feel is great.

Side note also surprised how fast it got here to the US. Ordered Tuesday night and was coming from Stockholm, then arrived this afternoon.
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