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I'm finding the dipthong really difficult. I sound like a hick when I try it.
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PS, for those of you considering paying a visit, I hear you get an unobstructed view of Connemara, so ...
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Originally Posted by tropics View Post
i'm from blarney. when i was in school i worked in the woolen mills. one of my duties was to write fake names / signatures of the lady who knit the the wool on the labels of the aran jumpers

That wouldn't surprise me at all, Blarney Woolen Mills is pretty rubbish to be honest.
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There's a decent write up on Inis Meain in the latest issue of Monocle.
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Anyone know of stockists that still have any crewnecks or the Raphoe in M?
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bump for good stuff, still need me one of these ziss
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So their cardigans are going for $800 now...
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^what are you talking about? They are about half that on most EU web shops. Nitty Gritty and Frans Boone seem to be the most reliable, but there could be more stock lists these days.

Edit: woah, there are some heavy knit cardis on Bureau Belfast that are something like $650.

I just cracked open my knit drawer and saw my two sweaters that I picked up last year. They are by far my favorites.
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The US shops that sell IM have massive markups. That same knit would be somewhere around $500 fro m Bureau Belfast, after VAT was removed. Always buy from the UK/EU.
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MIDSEASONUS30 gets you 30% off at my-wardrobe, which brings the price of IM knits down to about $200-250. Shipping and pre-charged duties will run you about $75-80.

I picked up this cable crewneck- the same one I got last year in beige.
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After just two business days, the new crew neck arrived. As annoying as it is for my-wardrobe to add duties, it sure arrived quickly once I ordered.

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for anyone still hesitant about biting the bullet:
I received my roll neck from Norse store today. it's a 90/10 merino/cashmere mix.
im 6'1" with a 39 inch chest and the fit is nice and pretty slim though the length was a little short.
that being said, the sweater is tightly knit and not scratchy in the slightest.
very warm and sumptuously soft.

hope this helps

update: after a week if reasonable wear, the sweater has shown a decent amount of pilling. true, I have been wearing it pretty regularly to battle the cold but still a little dissapointing
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Zissou you need to get a list of store who carry inis meain.

I must get some of their knits.
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The better webshops include:
Frans Boone Store
Nitty Gritty Stockholm
Bureau Belfast
Dougherty, Evans & Stott
Norse Store

And there seem to be a few at very reasonable prices at Galvin for Men

And, if you want to get fucked over on markups, try a US shop like Barney's.
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