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Austin, Texas. Overrated as a hipster, eco-friendly town, but still quite a decent city to live in for the rest of us.
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I actually think Chicago is underrated. I don't think people who've never been there have any idea how great it is. I put it a step below NYC as far as being an international city, but it shits all over say, Boston or DC. If it were located on a coast, it might be properly rated.
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Originally Posted by gnatty8 View Post
Nah, those are way below Methuen and Haverhill..

You forgot Lynn
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I visited Richmond recently, and really enjoyed it.
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Originally Posted by gnatty8 View Post
Also, I agree with Portland, ME. If I could, I'd move there in a heartbeat and would likely never leave.
Me too. Burlington, VT is great, though I don't know that it qualifies as underrated.
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Originally Posted by gladhands View Post
I actually think Chicago is underrated.

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Originally Posted by computerpro3 View Post
Cincinnati is great to visit, but not to live. I dump on it all the time as a transplant coming from Connecticut (which is great because it has the best location in the United States), but there is a lot to like. 1. Decent symphony 2. Surprisingly good food (Nicola, Via Vite, Jean-Robert's Table, Jeff Ruby's, Orchids, Boca, Nada, Terry's Turf Club, etc, etc, etc) 3. Fair amount of culture (Contemporary Arts Center, Art Museum, etc) 4. Decent nightlife in Newport, KY 5. A bizzarely high concentration of utterly fantastic Indian hole-in-the-wall eateries. 6. The Hyde Park Kroger has a mini Murray's cheese shop in it Give me a long weekend, some friends, and a few grand and I can have a hell of time in Cincinnati. The problem is though, after that weekend you want to kill yourself. In between molotov cocktails getting lobbed at your car during race riots, fighting off homeless people en-masse, being accosted by the now-defunct ACORN to register to vote Democrat for the 50th time, and avoiding thousands of wrong way drivers on one-way streets, you might even have time to pack a t-shirt, umbrella, snow boots, and a baseball cap in your bag. You'll need it; it can be 75 in the morning and snowing at night. The people are nice, but outside of a few small circles they are fairly stereotypical. If you plan on living here in the long run, I hope you went to Elder high school (and played football) and love cornhole. I also hope you don't enjoy shopping - we have a Saks and a Nordstrom, but they're for show - they are filled with 100% John W Nordstrom shirts and Saks house brand coats. Oh, and Boss. They don't carry anything even midrange like Canali or Zegna. Want to try on a pair of Aldens, C&J, Santoni, or Tramezzas? Good luck - you'll have to drive to Chicago. In the mood for cooking up a nice Italian dinner? I hope you don't need prosciutto, because they don't carry it at the grocery store and when you do find a deli that has some, there's 50/50 odds they'll cut it thicker than a thanksgiving turkey. In short, I have a soft spot for Cincinnati. But I hate it at the same time.
Bookmarked for the next time I go to visit the Nasty. Any chance you'd care to share a few of your favorite Indian hole-in-the-walls?
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Chicago is a great city, but how is it underrated? It's known as the "Second City" because most people put it right behind NYC.
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Originally Posted by FLMountainMan View Post
Louisville - great architecture, a bourbon lover's paradise, friendly people

Yeah, I spent some time in Louisville. Would stay at the Brown or the Sealbach.
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Originally Posted by ClambakeSkate View Post
Detroit. Fucking loved it.

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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post
Chicago is not underrated, by any means. Chicagoans use every opportunity to rep their city.

Agreed. No way is Chicago underrated. It's considered one of the top cities in the world.
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Originally Posted by Prada_Ferragamo View Post
Agreed. No way is Chicago underrated. It's considered one of the top cities in the world.

+1 My gf went to school there and always raves about Chicago. Everyone I know who lived, or lives there raves about it. It is not underrated.
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Louisville, KY

I'm not sure if I would ever want to live anywhere else. Very friendly city, extremely cheap, amazing restaurants, beautiful countryside.

Cincinnati, OH

I grew up there, and most of my family still lives there (Clifton, Hyde Park, Downtown). I really don't agree with the above poster about all of his critique. Race riots haven't happened since what? 2003 or something?

Homeless people are in every city; I get asked for change in Louisville as often as I do when I'm in Cincinnati.

Have you been to Findlay Market? I haven't been there in a while, but I believe there is a nice little Italian grocery there, I bet you'll find decent prosciutto there.
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barstow, ca
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Originally Posted by uhurit View Post
Madison, WI: nice cultured town, decent climate (all things compared)

+1 - Great community feel too.
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