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Favorite Fish

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Because Greg and I are like twinsies I thought this would make an interesting thread so that people would be encouraged to try to make and eat more fish. Anyway, your favorites...
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Canned Tuna
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i like red snapper a lot and flounder. The best snapper I ever had was at a Panamanian place and it was fried and then cooked in a casuela with capers, tomatoes, and other stuff. Damn good.
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tuna raw flounder trout i actually despise salmon, just too fishy for me. i think its the orange color.
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black bass
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Salmon, Yellowtail, Tuna, Mackerel, and Tilapia.
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I enjoy Chilean Sea Bass pan sautéed in coconut oil. If anyone knows of a fish more unctuous than this, please inform.
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jeez, i couldn't even narrow it to 5: sardines, mackerel, salmon, petrale, lingcod, rex (sand dab), swordfish ... and then there's shellfish!
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Tuna, hands down. Of course raw or barely cooked.

I have never understood how common eating salmon is. Raw or smoked it is tolerable. Cooked it is repulsive.
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off the top of my head... spanish mackerel, yellow tail, branzino, black bass, monkfish, salt cod, pretty much all shellfish (fanny bay oysters are my favorite so far), salmon necks... the sea produces pretty much all of my favorite food. can't think of anything i dislike actually. i guess gefilte is pretty gross but that's a frankenstein's monster. matt, is this your celebration thread for 30k?
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salmon has been degraded because there is so much bad stuff out there cooked so sloppily. but a well-cooked piece of good salmon is amazing.
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salmon hands down

give me a nice grilled piece of salmon filet on a bowl of rice and im there

matter of fact, salmon is my favorite meat hands down.
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My favorite are the small oily fish, like sardines and mackerel. They have to be so damn fresh that I'm usually a little afraid to buy them to prepare at home. Trout - I ate some lakeside in far north Canada once, cooked over an open fire right after we caught it - incredible. Shellfish - all of it. Raw tuna, of course, but I'm starting to feel a little guilty about that one.
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Salmon Chilean Sea Bass Tuna
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