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Poll: Match or MisMatch Socks to your Trousers

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I match socks to trousers 80% of the time. However today I am wearing grey trousers and navy socks. For wedding's and other social events I usually tend to go with socks that are a little more on the fun side.
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Generally I tend to wear black or navy socks but occasionally I like a pink or lilac sock as a fun bit of contrast, esp. if it ties in with my shirt or tie or whatever. Mind you I've never actually bought any pinks socks - they're all happy accidents of tan socks being mixed with a particular red shirt that bled the first time or so it was washed...
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I always match sock color to my trousers simply because so much of my wardrobe needed an upgrade, that new socks are far down the list. So right now all of my socks are solid colors (mainly navy), but that will change within the next year, once I own enough of the other basics. I think sock color/pattern is one of the few areas where men have the opportunity to show real creativity in dressing and can distinguish themselves from everyone else. It seems a shame that I'm currently letting the opportunity pass.
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I make a conscious effort to match my socks to something other than my pants (e.g. shirt, tie, handkerchief, etc) in everything I wear. I would feel extremely regimented and uncomfortable if my socks matched my pants.
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I hesitated to vote on this one because most of the time I match the pants but sometimes I match the shoes and sometimes I'll match something else or nothing at all.
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Socks can be effective when they relate to trousers and shoes the same way a pocket square relates to the shirt and tie. Coordinated but not matched.
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I ain't agin matching if it happens in a nonchalant way.
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Most of the time these days I'll match my socks with the trousers. Sometimes, however, I'll match the socks to something else in my ensemble. There didn't seem to be a category in the poll for this although I note that a couple of other fellows have answered similarly.
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I usually just coordinate not match
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Originally Posted by jml90
I usually just coordinate not match

I'll either go with a coordinating color or go for contrast (e.g. burgundy socks with a dark blue suit) bit even so the socks will coordinate with something: tie, shoes, pocket square etc. I think the "the match the socks to the pants" rule sounds like some thing out of "Dress for Success"
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I like Glenn O'Brien's quote:
"Socks should freelance"
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I never make an effort to match my socks to my trousers. I consider my shoes more, and try to strike a balance between the shoe color and trouser color.
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I contrast more than I match, but I do both regularly. I always match to the trousers, not the shoes.
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I think it depends on the context. But normally I tend to dress on the more bold side so I normally tend to mismatch
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