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What tests should be done in a full physical?

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For any M.D. or medically-informed board members,
I live in Toronto and am switching my General Practitioner. I have never had a "full" physical with blood tests and scans. I think that this is something I would like to have done, to ensure that I am developing/developed in a normal way, and to identify things that I can change in my lifestyle or diet to improve my general health. I am thinking of a diagnostic test or very comprehensive checkup.
What tests should I request to be performed in order to have a general look at my health? Is this a redundant thing to be requesting? Should I be going to a nutritionist?
I am asking this question because many doctors here in Toronto would like to see as many patients as possible per day and thus sometimes don't have the patients (me) best interest in mind when deciding whether to perform tests or refer to another doctor to be checked out.


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A lot really depends on your family history - the more informed your doctor is on that score, the better call he can make in terms of what to look for.

I've noticed that a LOT of people don't really have a clear view of their family's medical history (and if you family is anything like mine, people sometimes don't mention things so that I "won't worry"), but it's worth pointedly asking one's parents and siblings to keep one informed, and to check in with your parents about issues your grandparents may have had.

Beyond that, there are standard things for your age and general conditioning (prostate screening if you're old, blood sugar and triglycerides if you're fat, and so on).

But family history is one of the more neglected - and most important - elements of self-awareness a patient should be sharing with his doctor.

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finger in the butt test.
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just make sure you get a female doctor to at least make it more enjoyable
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Your teeth and your genitals should be thoroughly inspected.
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Originally Posted by alexanduh View Post
finger in the butt test.

fingers in the butt test. FTFY
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You might ask to have your lipoproteins size and quantity tested.
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Do you have any medical concerns currently or do you feel healthy? A lot of times, its hard for a physician to diagnose anything if you don't have any present signs or symptoms. There is no one test to determine good health.

Regarding your post, I would recommend a complete physical exam (this would check your vital signs and do a review of your body's major organ systems). Ask for routine blood work to be done, including Vitamin D (a lot of people have low vitamin D). Make sure your vaccination records are up to date and that you address any illness you have in your family history. The blood work will show if you have any issues with cholesterol, diabetes, infections and other things.

Besides that, enjoy life and do your best to remain healthy: eat fruits and vegetables, take a multivitamin, exercise, practice safe sex, cut back on smoking and drinking if you do, etc. I hope this helps.


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Originally Posted by Sunnydale View Post
You might ask to have your lipoproteins size and quantity tested.

THIS. Standard cholesterol tests are worthless. I plan on having this done at my next physical.
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