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Lobb double monkstrap auction

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I had been watching an auction with a pair of Lobbs shoes with no reserve price, and when it went past my limit (which was fairly low, given it's in black and it's in sterling) I forgot about it except to note that it closed for 156 GBP I think. When I checked my ebay summary, it said the item was relisted and there I see a pair of double monkstraps, but now starting 200 pounds and a BIN of 240. I can't be absolutely sure it's the same pair even though ebay told me it was a 'relist', I thought the previous listing was for a 'Wallace' not 'Williams' and size 43 not 43.5. I've emailed the seller out of curiosity but no reply. Did anyone else notice this auction?
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I was watching this too, but more as sport than an actual purchase.
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That's the previous auction:

I don't know what happened, maybe he misnamed the shoes, maybe he had problems with the buyer or he was shill-bidding a bit too hard and ended up, buying his own stuff. (I'm always sceptical about "private auctions" for respectable items.)

That's the Wallace

That's the William

Search me, about the difference.
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beside the heel, the leather strap and buckle position looks faintly different.
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The William is double-soled while the Wallace is single.
The auction item is, in fact, the Wallace.
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