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Adam Kimmel

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I was just wondering what you guys thought of Adam Kimmel's line. No, not the comedian/host guy, the designer. In the vein of Engineered Garments and Rag & Bone with lots of workwear influences and fabrics like canvas (although I've seen no boiled wool, something Engineered Garments does very good work with). But he also has things like cashmere sweaters (pretty sure workmen at the beginning of the 20th century did not wear these) and tuxedos, as well as more innovative things like knit tuxedos. I know he sells at Bergdorfs, and there has been a lot of press mentions.
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He was mentioned on the Sartorialist's blog a little while back:

Where else can we see/buy his stuff?
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Rolo in SF has it. The jackets/coats are the best items in the collection IMO, and it's a bit more modern looking to my eye than engineered garments.
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Originally Posted by jardindejambon
Rolo in SF has it. The jackets/coats are the best items in the collection IMO, and it's a bit more modern looking to my eye than engineered garments.

I didn't know that Rolo has it. I agree with you on both points; and all the "heritage" lines seem to be strongest in outerwear. The materials (moleskin, corduroy, cotton twill, boiled wool, cotton canvas, leather) all lend themselves best to coats and jackets.
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What's the average price point for his collection?
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Looks like some nice pieces on The Sartorialist. I even like the distressed boots (which I usually don't do outside of Poell/Carpe Diem). However, looking at his lookbook, past seasons look nothing like a "heritage" line. Some nice cuts, but overall it seems a little droll and the palette is generica to the max. I'd have to see more of F/W 2006 to sell me on it.
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Adam Kimmel's clothes and review...

From MensStyle:

September 16, 2005

Classic American sportswear is characterized by its minimalism: Easeful form follows function. Given today's relaxed dress codes, it's no surprise that this proven formula is influencing a new generation of menswear designers. Helmut Lang led the way, of course, injecting a little Eurochic and sex appeal into the basic equation; now that Helmut's on hiatus, others are stepping into the breach. Adam Kimmel's second collection borrowed Lang's palette"”white, ivory, navy, gray (plus a hit of red)"”but the 26-year-old former architecture student also showed that he is his own man.

Kimmel has talked about "elevating the industrial by infusing it with a relaxed elegance," and here that meant a conceit as unexpectedly winning as a tuxedo in navy sweatshirt jersey. He favored prosaic terrycloth not just for sweatshirt and pants, but even for a trench, a three-button blazer, and a utilitarian jumpsuit. The latter, his signature item, also appeared in a short-sleeved version that looked positively chic in pale gray linen. Its rounded stand-up collar was just the kind of "infusing" detail the designer says he's aiming for.

The new kid on the block proved he was capable of "classic" with a brass-buttoned navy blazer and then a white cotton suit shown with a dress shirt (a relaxed variant on evening dressing for summer). But his key pieces tended to be more idiosyncratic: There was a smart lab coat, refined in navy linen, and a snap-closing jacket he called an "artist work coat," inspired by the functional yet elegant way Willem de Kooning used to dress in his studio.

"” Tim Blanks

I like this:

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