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Cotton pocket squares

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With the standard being silk and linen, what are the thoughts on cotton pocket squares, either white or patterned?
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To my mind the very prominent position of this accessory demands that the wearer both thoughtfully consider the right balance between pocket square and other items of his attire, and that he select only a pocket square of the finest material and craftsmanship. Most of my collection of pocket squares are of silk or Irish linen with one or two cashmere thrown in for measure...all with hand-hemmed edges; however, I must admit that I'm not exactly sartorially daring either. I've never considered the cotton handkerchief, white or colored, appropriate for any other than practical application.  This indispensable item should be impeccably clean, pressed, folded, and tucked into the trousers or a jacket pocket other than the breast pocket. If your looking to try something different, you might consider a brightly patterned linen pocket square.  According to Roetzel, the British are rather fond of this variation.
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I don't really mind cotton pocket squares, especially ones with a little sheen to the fabric. To me, it looks less fussy than a silk one.
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I saw some realy nice cotton pocket squares at Nordstrom, from Ike Behar, and thought they looked great. The contrasting cotton with a wool suit would work great, IMHO.
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Hello, first post here: Personally (although I do not, by any means expect others to follow this rule), I go by the rule that pocket squares are for clearing one's nasal passages and wiping up sundry things in a pinch. Thus I tend to carry a plain white cotton handkerchief in my coat's breast pocket for a runny nose in the winter. It is usually hidden as white does not go with everything. In the future, I intend to buy some colourful handkerchiefs that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.
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I think cotton squares are perfectly acceptable, and own a couple. IMO They should be folded points out however...
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