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I very much like my 100% cashmere sweater from Fioroni. It is very tightly knit and doesn't pill as easily as my Mac Alan (Scotland) and Barneys (Italy) ones. I am on the fence about the Barneys sweaters, especially when compared to Fioroni, but they're a decent entry point (on super sale when less than $150). I don't know who makes them, but I get them knowing they're not LP, B. Cuccinelli, etc. 

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fiftyfactory.com (cortefiel group) had a single (the only one that lasted) cashmere sweater for like EUR 39. I dont know if it is still there. No pictures, 100% cashmere. There are deals like that sometimes.

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I was at a Banana Republic store today and the Todd and Duncan sweaters felt really really good, and about $60USD after their 50% off sale. I'm a little skeptical about the manufacturing as I've had J. Crew's LP cashmere and while it was amazing to start, it hasn't aged well a year from purchase. I have an opportunity to get a Ballantyne 1921 sweater for $110 that's about 3 or 4 ply. Do you guys think its worth the extra $50 to get a Ballantyne sweater? Any verdict here about the BR Todd Duncan sweaters? Should I skip Ballantyne and spend an extra 150 or so on B. Cucinelli - Or is it really just very marginal differences once you get up to Ballantyne quality? 

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