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RLPL dress shirt - How long should it last?

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One of these shirts split open on me when I reached for something in the backseat of my vehicle. But it didn't tear along the seam, but rather on an area along the inside of my upper sleeve. The shirt is probably six years old and has seen light use. However, the outside edge of the cuffs have started to fray a small amount as all french cuff shirts do over time.

Is this to be expected from a $300 shirt? I have no idea, but is there any remuneration one should expect from Polo RL? I LOVE the shirt and was actually thinking of trying to see whether I could get the cuffs replaced because the rest of the shirt is (was) in great shape.

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In regards to Polo RL doing anything - don't even bother.
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If you do decide to complain, talk to a real person. I wrote two letters -- not e-mails, letters -- and got zero response.

That said, the shirt is six years old, and that's going to cut down on the sympathy you'll receive. Hard to make a case for a refund on a shirt that old, even if it did rip prematurely.
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the shirt is 6 years old. fraying at the cuffs. time to move on.
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Call someone at a local Polo store, or the Polo Mansion in NYC.

Ideally you buy lots of stuff and deal with one person who desires to keep you happy, etc.
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Something similar happened to a RLPL shirt of mine - it tore just below the sleeve chest junction on the chest portion - in anatomical terms, the medial wall of the axilla. It's been patched and isn't noticeable unless I reach up with my arms But as you say, not something you expect from a pricey shirt.
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A more expensive shirt isn't necessarily going to be more durable. The two areas of damage (fraying cuffs, non-seam tear) don't have anything to do with the construction but rather the fabric. Six years is very good lifespan for a dress shirt (except perhaps an OCBD.)
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