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Originally Posted by Christofuh
The majority of RTW shoemakers glue on a piece of linen ( called a ' feather ' ) to the bottom of the insole ( which in turn is attached to the bottom of the upper). This ' feather ' is where the sole of the shoe is stiched onto the upper part of the shoe. In Scafora shoes there's nothing glued on. The ' feather ' in his shoes is carved directly from a thicker insole. Therefore there is a direct attachment of the sole to the upper, wth no risk of glue failure. (C)

I have made this argument before, and I no longer think that it is a sound one. A linen feather that is glued to the insole sounds like something weak and prone to failure, but does not seem to be the case, at least if we trust the experience of cobblers who have dealt with them extensively. There are many arguments that can be made for the superiority of handmade shoes over machine-made ones, but I don't think that this is a good one.

In addition, please note that glue is integral to the shoemaking process, regardless of the type of feather used.
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I just received my first pair of G&G bespoke!

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More pictures.

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SICK. Not a style I would order, but they look great buddy
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I'm not particularly fond of the buckle, the loafer looks great though and it's a magnificent shoe. Would you care sharing details (model, color, and price) ?
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Wow - that is extraordinary. I think it's an interesting choice for bespoke. I've never considered that style of shoe but I'd wear that in a heartbeat. I also think the horsebit loafer works well here in Southern California. The color is great too. Congratulations.
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Nicest buckle loafer that I have seen. Color looks terrific, and I know you were slightly concerned about how it would come out. Well done.
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Incredible. Congrats on that.

Did you perhaps place any mto as well? I can't wait to see what those will look like.
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Perfect looking waist on that shoe Andrew. That has to be one of the most aesthetically Italian-inspired, English-constructed shoes I've ever seen. Looks great for the LA scene and easily 5-10x better than any Gucci or Ferragamo bit loafer.
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Thanks everyone. As Matt mentioned, I was slightly worried after placing the order, and had placed myself almost entirely in Tony G's hands in terms of the design. I had told him roughly what I wanted (a bit loafer done in his sleekest, sharpest style), and I knew he had impeccable taste, but nevertheless there was still a bit of nervousness on my part because it was a bit out there stylewise. Tony was also a bit worried because my feet aren't anywhere close to ideal, and it sounded like, more than usual, he'd have to carefully balance the shape of the shoe vs. its fit. Anyway, in terms of design, I think he hit a home run, and it turned out much better than I had imagined. The initial fit is very good, but it's too early to really tell yet. I picked this style because most of my daily wear is jeans, so I wanted a more casual shoe that I could wear often. I liked the larger rings on the bit (Tony's choice) because it kind of echoes the G&G logo. Chris, I didn't place any MTO orders. Tibo, this was bespoke, so there isn't really any model or last to specify. Cost is around $2800, I think, and I started the process on this shoe in March of 2006. Color is just a leather swatch I pulled from his book. It's not one of the antiqued leathers. Next up is probably a pair of opera pumps and maybe monkstraps. --Andre
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Thanks for the info. And once again...those are gorgeous shoes.
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Look great Andre. Congratulations!
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those horsebit loafers are HOT!

those are sweet!
truly substantial and decadent , and usually i dont say that about bit loafers .

i bet they are extremely comfortable. you will be king here in rodeo drive with those bit loafers.

wear them in great health!
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Those are pimp.
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those look great - and i am not a huge fan of loafer but i think in have just been convince otherwise - great color too, also is the buckle gold?.

they will look great with some tan casual pants and a grey sports coat and blue checked shirt! i can see it now - wow a real show stopper

and i can not wait to take the plunge and give tony a complete blank canvas and say "have fun"

2007 the year of the G&G bespoke!
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