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Nub question about W&H/Wings and Horns

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Why do people say W&H/Wings and Horns, isn't that redundant?
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W&H and W+H are different.
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It's not that stupid a question.

I was talking to someone at Steven Alan yesterday, trying to explain. Apparently, the message was lost in translation, because the website is still wrong.
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W+H = former Spruce
W&H = W&H
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And they made this name change to reduce confusion?
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yeah for real..
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I've actually been wondering about this since the new line came out; how do you pronounce W+H?

When I've called stores, I've just been saying "the new Spruce line", but I'm curious how it is really supposed to be said.

Is it "Wings plus Horns", "W plus H", "W and H", or something different altogether? It is quite confusing...
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W+H = "double-ewe and aiche" or "double-ewe plus aiche" Wings & Horns = "wings and horns" I think the confusion arises when you type and shortform it. W+H = W+H (old Spruce) W&H = Visual/Typographical short form for people who don't want to type "Wings & Horns" As for the reasoning behind the name change, aside from the fact that we weren't allowed to use 'Spruce' in either Japan or the US (I forget), it was done to unify the two brands and emphasizes that both lines are different aspects of each other. The cuts and aesthetics are identical since they're both done by the same design team; however, 'wings & horns' represents the embellished and highly figured aspect of the brand; whereas 'w+h' are the basics, clean and unshodden. It's kinda neat in a way because yes, they're both the same name, but visually you have the full blown 'wings and horns' and at the same time, you have the stripped-down-to-essentials 'w+h'. The decision to bring the two lines closer together also means that there's has been, and is going to be much less crossover between the two lines. This will make it easier for buyers/stores. Hope this helps!
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I refer to them as 'plus' and 'ampersand'.
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