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FS: Jil Sander (grails), Robert Geller, Tim Hamilton, etc... (DROPS 1/24)

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1) Jil Sander denim BEAUTIFUL denim, one of the best indigo dye jobs ever, can hook up size 28 & 29. Will be brand new w/o tags, originally retailed for $435. Made in Italy, all kinds of attention to detail…..$150 > $140 > $130 > $125 > $115 > $100 each. Measurements: Size 30: waist 15", rise 10", inseam 34.5" sold out Size 29: waist 14.5", rise rise 9 3/4", inseam 34.5" Size 28: waist 14", rise 9.5", inseam 34.5" The jeans are all tagged either 28 x 36, 29 x 36 or 30 x 36. I'd say the inseam actually measures between an inch to an inch and a half less than that, somewhere between 34.5 - 35". They bunch up nicely without needing to hem them by the way. 2) Theory Merino Wool Sweater This is a cool sweater but my sweater closet is pretty full right now. A nice shade of turquoise. From winter last year and is tagged a size small. Asking $50 > $45 > $35. Measurements: p2p 19.25", shoulders are raglan, armpit to sleeve tip 17" and bottom collar to hem 24". --------------------------------------- No longer available: 1) Jil Sander Metallic Cardigan, sz 46 (fits 48) 2) Jil Sander Blue / Black marbled cashmere v-neck sweater, sz 48 3) Robert Geller A/W 10 Hooded Cardigan 4) Jil Sander down jacket 5) Tim Hamilton wool pants 6) Geller Fair Isle --------------------------------------- All prices shipping inclusive within the continental United States. Inquire if shipping would be outside our borders. Prices are intended to be sent via paypal, using the gift option. If you want to send another way via paypal, please add 4% to account for the paypal fees that will be incurred on my end. And lastly, all pieces can be bought locally in NYC. Cool? Cool.
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Wow -- nice pieces but you're asking prices are insane. Good luck.
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great stuff
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Damn. The hooded geller cardi is dope !
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I have the top two pieces I bought new back then.

Metallic cardi was $645 back then and fits one size big, want to emphasize this so it's definitely for a 48.

Chunky cashmere v neck retailed for $1320 not $1500, one of my favorite pieces somebody buy this before he realizes what a mistake he's making.

Why do people put clothes on the floor to photograph?
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I've got the cardi as well in a sz 46 and I'm a 48 so I can confirm Jet's information. Also, these are some SZ prices dawg gl.
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man I'd be all over those Jil knits if they were 50/52 *hint jet*
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Thanks guys.

3 major pieces gone, some rad stuff left. Dropping the price on the Jil coat (someone put it to good use) & the remaining Geller piece.

Offers welcome as well.
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PMing you my paypal for my commission since I created the knit revolution and essentially sold those for you.
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Jet, I acknowledge you to be the Paul Revere of the knit revolution. good job sir.

Dropping the jeans down, as well as a few other pieces.

In a creative use of this forum, I'd like to say that I will potentially trade for musical equipment. Don't know what that admission will bring but figured it doesn't hurt to mention it.

Enjoy your evening & hit me up with any questions or offers.
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I tried on the jacket the other day and it's much cooler in person / worn. Collar looks dope popped. Someone should buy it. Would've kopped but just dropped $1800 on a rick owens....
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Another big drop on the down jacket as well as a drop on the jeans.

Should've asked user7 to take a fit pic, it looked great on him!
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Oh, gosh. That RG sweater is gorgeous.

If I had the cash, I would buy and frame it.
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Jil denim dropped to $115 each! Amazing jeans for the price.
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