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Polyester: what up?

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Gents, The AA 50/50 polos fit me quite well, and I am on the verge of more or less buying the rainbow; I'm also thinking about having some slim-cut poly-blend shirts made by Hemrajani - the sort you would wear somewhat rumpled for a vintage, thrift-store type look. However, one charge on polyester's long list of alleged crimes has me hesitant: it's tendency (again, alleged) to retain certain unpleasant fragances after an extended period of wear, even if washed regularly. Does this in fact happen? Is it only under certain circumstances that it happens? Have I fallen victim to an old wives' tale? What up?
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the thing i don't like is that i sweat like a farm animal in them in the summer. which may be the odors people are smelling is themselves as sweating pigs. the advantage of them though is that they dry quick and are never wrinkled.
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Having come of age during the polyester era - 70's - I can assure you it does not retain odor after laundering.

The "It Stinks!" and the "It Still Stinks!" exclamations may have had nothing to do with olfactory experiences.
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I don't think they retain odor after being washed, but like giantreptile, I too sweat much more in polyester than all-cotton, so the smell returns quite rapidly.
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It does not retain a smell after watching, but polyester does cause people to sweat more, because unlike cotton there is less breathing room.
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I agree that polyester may cause you to sweat more, but I think it really depends on where you would wear it. If you wear it outside to jogging then no. But if you are going to be inside w/ the AC then go for it!!
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