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Billy Gibbons' Hat

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I saw ZZ Top Guitarist Billy Gibbons on TV the other night wearing this hat:

It's got to be one of the strangest articles of clothing I've seen.
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Maybe it's not a hat but his new haircut!
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It's a sea anemone:

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I saw this too (Rides on TLC).

I woner if he is bald (seriously) and think this looks like hair (kidding)?

BTW, I'd love to have the dough to get a car re-done like that!
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I Love It!
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I don't the the exact details of the story, but he was on a trip through Africa and the hat was either given or traded to him by a member of one of the indigenous tribes there. It is one of his prized possessions and is also the butt of many jokes in the musician community.
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It looks even stranger in person.

I met him in late 1998, he was wearing this same style of hat (maybe it was the same one ).

He is a wacky guy, he wears two watches, one on each wrist. They are both dual time zone, looks like this picture only with a white face.
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It's a monkey's ass.
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billy gibbons- and the rest of zztop can pretty much wear anything they damn want, and we can all just keep quiet about it.
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