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Your favorite restaurant, period.

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What is your favorite restaurant and where is it located? Mine: Celetto: Barrio Norte, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Jon.
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The cat restaurant.
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Taillevent, Paris 8th.
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La Tire Bouchon Fairfax, VA
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Sao Paulo, Brasil. Best. Pizza. Ever.
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"Pushkin" Moscow
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Originally Posted by RJman
The cat restaurant.

Ooh, I think that's in my basement. It used to be in my kitchen, until our son decided that tasting cat food might be "fun." Thus, the poor felines have been banished to the basement for their daily bread.

I don't know that I have a favorite. I've had some memorable meals at Max Downtown in Hartford, Arugula in West Hartford, Stephanie's on Newbury in Boston, and Roy Yamaguchi's and David Paul's Lahaina Grill on Maui. I also have a soft spot for Legal Seafood in Boston, because this is where my parents always took me to eat when they visited me during law school.

I also generally like any place where I can be on a first name basis with the waiter.
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Orea Ellas. Vouni Village, Cyprus.
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That's a pretty difficult question. I think I would have to go with Le Louis XV, Hotel de Paris, Monaco, but only by a little bit over some of my other favs.
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Mine closed, so I need a new one. I guess for consistently good food, though I am not too fond of the atmosphere, I'd say the Broadway Grill in Seattle.
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La Bou d'Argent, NYC.
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Originally Posted by Manton
La Bou d'Argent, NYC.

Where is that located? I must admit I have never heard of that restaurant.

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Bronte, Montreal.
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Kuruma Zushi, NYC
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