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Originally Posted by Charley
Is there a name for the patern?
Russell plaid.
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The photos and illustrations are lovely.

However, on a practical level of business dress you have to assess your kind of business, your position, and your customers.

The natural habitat of the tweed suit is the country. However, it can be worn in the city on select occassions. The tweed suit worn in the city is associated with the wealthy and old families who have country homes or estates. In some businesses you would get a sneer or sideways comment if you wore some of these tweeds. In other businesses you would look smart.

For example, I think that a Russell plaid suit would spell doom for an assistant bank branch manager, an insurance claims representative, or an associate starting out at a big corporate law firm. A tweed suit in these conformist environments can endanger your career.

However, you could wear these plaids if you were in the so-called creative fields where the role models have an image of wealth and old family. I refer to publishing, non-profits, art galleries, museums, academia, clothing stores, jewelers, and other retailers catering to upper level incomes.
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Originally Posted by pejsek
Well, here are two tweed suits that I've picked up in the last year or so. First up is a suit by Davies & Son tailored back in 1974.

Next is a really interesting suit by the long-defunct Donaldson, Williams, & G. Ward of Burlington Arcade, also from the early 1970s.

Great pictures, esp. that wonderful Davies suit. I'm particularly intrigued by the curved or convex collar on the Donaldson. Traditionally, that part of the collar is straight, no? Perhaps there is a specific term for the curved collar (akin to crescent pockets).

Also love the suit & trouser hangar on the Davies.
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A local discount store has had a RL Polo 3-piece tweed suit in a classic pattern, an olive minicheck with a rust/red overpane, in my size for the past month (it's similar to the last picture in Lucky Strike's post, but the overpane is much more muted). Since I'm an academic, I could get away with wearing the suit to work and I'd also consider wearing each of the 3 pieces as separates. Of course, I would need to tolerate some snide comments from colleagues. I'm waiting for the price to come down from $399. If it were in the blue, gray, or brown color families, I would own it already.
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I finally broke down and ordered a 3 piece tweed from the Harris Tweed Shop in Scotland. I have been waiting on this one for a while, but wanted it for this Thanksgiving. Ill let you gents know how it comes out.
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Well, I'm glad this thread has sparked so much interest and elicited all these wonderful comments. Apparently the country suit is not yet dead, at least in our minds!
novalis, I hadn't really noticed the collar on the Donaldson suit until you pointed it out. Funny how revealing a picture can sometimes be. I've never really noticed that curve; I'll have to pull out some of the other Donaldson suits and see if they have the same collar construction.
NYB, please let us know how your suit comes out. Pictures would be even better, if possible.
While I was cleaning up the dining room the other day (don't ask!) I came across this bolt of cloth I bought a while back at the thrift store and then promptly put away. It's a beautiful tweed and there's about 7 yards of it. I think it could make a spectacular suit. I'm not going bespoke anytime soon--too much of op's bespoke in my closet--so if anybody here is thinking about having a tweed suit made but needs a little push, I'd be happy to send this cloth out at no charge. There are no tags or markings identifying the maker, but it seems to be fairly high-quality cloth and the finish appears hard enough to make pants a realistic choice. The hues are predominantly muted greens and browns, with the occasional fleck of brilliant saphire, emerald, and scarlet. I think you can make this out in the close-up. Drop me a message if you think you might be interested. My wife will be so pleased.

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WOW. I would LOVE to have that fabric. As a pass along gesture, I shall hunt through my stash and post some fabric that I was going to get made into a suit but after getting it (ebay!), realized it was not for me. Maybe someone else could use it.
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