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Originally Posted by Ben85 View Post
I did some searching and people have hung tvs from metal studs using toggle bolts.

Here is a picture of how thin the studs are.

With the studs being so thin, some suggest opening your wall up and replacing the studs with 2 wood 2x4's. Not a terribly large job, but you will have to do some plaster and paint work. You could probably get away hanging an LED or LCD off metal studs, but a heavy plasma, it might be cheap insurance to do something to beef up the metal.

Cheers. I've read about the toggle bolt solution but like you said, i doubt it'd work for a heavy plasma (which is what I have).

2 x 4's might be the way to go.
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Get a tilt/swivel/whatever and hang a frame on the wall so that TV is framed when the arm is retracted. The TV will look more finished and you won't have a visible gap between the back of the TV and the wall.
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Just thought I would post what I learned on here so nobody has to wonder which mount to buy.

The back of your TV has holes that the mount attaches to. It's somewhat standard but different from model to model. You have the measure the horizontal and vertical distances. This is the VESA measurement or something like that. The guys on monoprice can tell you yours based on the model often but it's still good to measure yourself. Then look on monoprice for a compatible mount.

Next thing to pay attention to on monoprice is the measurement of the plates that attach to your TV. So for example, if you have a 32inch tv and the plate itself is 32 inches, that's too big. I found only one mount with a face plate and VESA measurement small enough for my 32 inch TV and most likely large enough to still accommodate a much larger TV.

And finally, look at the minimum or closed distance from the wall. The smaller swivel ones were around 3 inches and so were the tilt ones. I'd imagine if you wanted flush to the wall, it would be an even shorter distance. I went with a twilt and swivel combo which was 5 inches since the extra 2 inches may not be a huge deal given the convenience for me.

And on monoprice, they tell you what kind of wall the mount is for so if you need to hang it in steel, concrete, brick, wood, etc.

I added a wire on top of that, paid the RIDICULOUS shipping fee and was done with it. The mounts at bestbuy that swivel do not tilt which was annoying. I'll have it put up as soon as it arrives and be done with that.
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