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Great New Syndicated Radio Show

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Steve Boorstein aka The Clothing Doctor has been kind enough to invite me to be a guest on his radio show tomorrow. Apprx 12:30PM on WOR in NYC; He may be taking callers as well.
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omg you sellout, this is blatant self-advertising Just kidding. I hope the show goes well. Perhaps we'll get even more participants for this forum afterwards, and that's a good thing.
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i'll be listening if i can get up that early. anyone can tune in at i didn't know this show existed but it would be cool if a bunch of the styleforum guys called in. break a leg steve.
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Good luck with the show, Steve. I'll try to find a radio around noon (I'll be out around the city for some classes).
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Show went pretty well, and it's the only one I know of that's dedicated to men's and women's style. I'd encourage all the Forum members to listen in every Saturday whether I'm on or not...
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i didn't wake up in time but i'm glad to hear you had a good show. btw, from browsing at their site, they seem to focus a lot on clothing care. is this true?
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MP: There are co-hosts. Steve focuses a lot on clothing care, and really knows his stuff. Gina is more into style- particularly for women. I think they'll have lots of guests who'll bring rotating points of view on men's style. We focused today on building a business wardrobe from the ground up.
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I thought I remembered this thread starting under a different name... does this mean it's now possible to change the name of posts? I know you can edit the individual content, but I didn't think it we could tweak the subject name after posting it. Just wondering.
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NS: It did start as a different thread. With all the recent hubbub I wanted to avoid the "appearance of evil". I can change the name of the thread, but I don't think individual members can... This would be a question/request for J., who seems to be joining us much more frequently these days. I for one am glad to see him 'round again.
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Do they archive shows for streaming?
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Alan: I'm not sure. I'll ask.
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