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going to go kill myself now. bye jawnz.
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^He let me in a little on how well the zipper supply chain works. Giant pain in the ass. He also gets into the most painful discussions on zippers imaginable (without someone's junk getting involved).
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you guys realize that I use top-quality zippers, right? They're not local substitutes. Nobody questions CCP for using the zippers he does on his 5,000 Euro leather jackets - he uses the same zippers I do.
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Why is the zippers always an issue with ToJ?
They are solid and very robust, I really do not get why it is always questioned.
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That's why I'm not arguing about it and I've stated multiple times it's just my opinion from an aesthetic point of view. I KNOW Drew's argument about why he uses them and that they ARE nice quality. I don't know who's arguing about quality, I've never said that. I do know I've spoken with quite a few people who agree with me on the dangling being a turn off though. AGAIN, Drew's stated he's not changing them. That's why I asked my question regarding if anyone had inquired about the price of getting a local guy to change them.
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Arggh. No more zipper talk! They are fine as is. But really now, the zippers can be changed, is that right?
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the zippers cannot be changed when they're on the jacket.
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This is, I don't know. I don't even have an analogy or way to comprehend it. It's like: 'I don't like the way this steak is all asymmetrical on the plate, I wish it was perfectly circular shaped - could you just give me a burger patty instead?'
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wabi sabi?
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How do you guys not over-analyze yourselves to death? I seriously worry. The number of questions that really do not affect the spin of the world, or your enjoyment of what is....
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I really like the zippers.
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It's really not man......I've showed the zippers to a lot of people (wondering if it's just me) and almost everyone comments the zippers look out of place. Especially my girlfriend, she hates them. In the end, we're dropping hundreds of dollars on something and we just want what we want........ I'm posting this here instead of editing my original posting: *One thing I've never understood though, if you could clarify this and just put the zipper talk to rest it would be great. TOJ is relatively small compared to some huge name brand. How hard is it for the maker of the motos to substitute the zippers with the old tab pulls if the buyer is asking for them and fully acknowledges that it is an inferior design in TOJ's opinion, but we want it for the look. Does it have something to do with how you buy the zipper configurations in the first place? I mean if this wasn't much of a hassle and could potentially result in more sells for TOJ, why not? Hell, I would pay a $25 customization fee to have the old zips, still worlds better than anything else sub 1K. **and I'm really not trying to argue or anything man. TBH, I just REALLY like TOJ motos....IMO one of the best looking jackets, especially with some of the upgrades on the 2011 model. I wouldn't just be saying all this for the hell of it, it's because I'm actually wanting to purchase.
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my band shot a video for a song of ours :

it features my friend wearing my blacked out dr stealing videos cameras. i'll post it in a couple of weeks when it's done, it's gonna be great.
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Did you post before as BRMC_Doves?
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